Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Up until this weekend I never heard about TED and its conference being held at the mostly public funded Vancouver Convention Centre. As part of my walking information protest I was on the plaza outside of TED and I was told by TED that it did not allow protests on the plaza which I understood was open to the public without restrictions. TED was sold out and there was more security than at the White House. The cost of attending TED was $8,500 US and there were 13,000 delegates. From BC Business it says that a thinker would be Monica Lewinsky along with more than 70 other thinkers. Who are these people: an elitist group. My sign was on my personal grocery cart accompanied by Randy's doggy, Owen, which sign said ""The BC College of Physicians says it is okay to place DNRs on patients without consent. The secret courts of the College have to go." It wasn't a big sign. In November 2013 I placed a complaint against the college and it closed its file in December 2014 without an adequate explanation to me as to why Dr. Dunn put a DNR on my best friend and husband, Randy Michael Walker. The reasoning was confidential. I was told that Dr. Dunn did no wrong. TED of all organizations has decried free speech. I was approximately 500 feet from the convention centre entrance when approached by security on what should be public property. The theme of the conference is "Truth and Dare."

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