Monday, April 11, 2016

Euthanasia and the Outlier Defence

In Lynn Smith's reasons for her declaratory orders, it would seem only a few would use assisted suicide or euthanasia per year. To me, that would mean one or two individuals.  It would only be used in exceptional circumstances;  Lynn said a means of last resort. However, I was wrong, it is more like one percent of all deaths. 

This is what I received from the euthanasia prevention people this morning April 16, 2016, in answer to how many are going to use MAD (medically assisted death) in Canada.

Probably less than 1% in the beginning but in 3 - 5 years there will be 4% of deaths.

There were 268,000 deaths in 2014. Therefore, there will be 10,000 or more deaths in 3 - 5 years and probably 20,000 deaths in 2025.

The medical vultures are already going in for the $kill. The first death in Canada per Carter  was done by Dr. Ellen Wiebe, she has already started a clinic, to much media applause, in Vancouver, being a good death clinic.

And since your family physician, if you are lucky enough to have one, will not want to get involved in any of this, he will refer you to Dr. Ellen, a stranger. And you will die in a sterile clinic. I wonder who funded her clinic.

There is no law yet and already there has been four individuals that have used the exemption clause: two died in BC and another approved in BC and another approved in Manitoba.  Three have died in Quebec under its own law to hasten death. There could be more but the white wall of silence prevents disclosure. The public might never know of  further deaths unless the Death with Dignity people leak out the information to the media as a good news story.

And who is paying the $10,000 or more to do the court applications and the costs of travel to the good death clinic in Vancouver to make these deaths a good news story.  Was it on the condition that the participants participate. When Bill C-14 passes, hopefully, it does not, there will be no legal fees as a doctor will make the order, not a judge.  This also means there will be no transparency.  No oversight; just the truth of health care professionals.

Bill C-14 has to be defeated.  Contact your MLA and MP and say you want to veto Bill C-14 and invoke the "notwithstanding clause". We have to study this further to make sure the safeguards are safe and cannot be circumvented.  Collateral deaths are not allowed: we are not at war.

We as a society did not contract for lethal injection at the HEMLOCK AID CLINIC.  Dr. Ellen could have come up with a less vomitoid name.  Hemlock is dark... very very dark.  Does anyone know how the very very very rich die, the 1%,  I have read that it is the 1% who want the rest of us to die as soon as we are not productive.

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