Sunday, April 3, 2016


Sunday, April 3, 2016 (updated April 27, 2016)
I have not been doing much on my blog. I have been in severe bereavement for the longest time.

I am seeing the parallel between DNR and Euthanasia.   If Bill C-14 becomes law leaving the safeguards in the hands of the medical regulators it will cause collateral damage (deaths). Canada does not allow capital punishment and yet when it comes to euthanasia the courts have decided it is okay to make mistakes that will result in collateral deaths. We are not at war. If a DNR can be unauthorized, then it can be argued that Euthanasia can also be unauthorized. All safeguards so far mentioned in the proposed Bill can be circumvented.

No one believes this but it is true.  If a patient wants medical aid in dying, neither family nor best friend has to be consulted. It could be devastating not knowing for sure. The family might never know as the death certificate will say a natural death . All assessments for such deaths should be made public, so anyone can voice his concern as to possible coercion.

We have to demand that the government invoke the notwithstanding clause to gain time so safeguards are designed to be true safeguards.

I am of the view that consent should be videotaped as it is done in Switzerland.  Not once, but during the whole process.

Was Brittany Maynard forced to end her life on November 1 2014.  She had changed her mind on October 31 2014.  If her husband truly loved her, he would have stopped it as she was ambivalent.

She was locked in the process and could not change her mind. And so was Gloria Taylor.

The word "non-ambivalent" is the word that is missing in the Supreme Court of Canada’s Declaratory Order [para. 127] in 2015. Justice Smith’s Declaratory Orders in 2012 [para. 1393] contained it. Why was it taken out?  Ambivalent means “not sure.”  


I was just told from an insider that letters to members of parliament are read if not by the member then by his staff.  Just say something from your heart and you will be heard and it will get to the member of parliament. It is important.It will be archived forever.

Send an email to Prime Minister Trudeau :; and/or write Justin Trudeau, House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0A6.(postage is free).

Send an email or a letter to your Member of Parliament: House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6 (postage is free). Or go see him in his local office.

Send an email to the Senators c/o Denise Batters,; and/or send an email or write to a senator who you might know at The Senate of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OA6 (postage is free).

Send a letter to the media.  Just do something. We must invoke the notwithstanding clause.
Copy this and give it to your neighbours.

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