Friday, June 10, 2016

BC Physicians are fast becoming Checklist Robots.

I just downloaded the College of Physicians and Surgeons BC regulations for MAID.  Like Bill C-14 it is open to question/interpretation.  It can be circumvented.

No where in the safeguards does it say that the health professionals should ask the patient not to opt out of death. There is no encouragement that says we do not want you to do this.  All you have to say is that you want death and it is a done deal.

The safeguards  are nothing more than a checklist. Two physicians are a joke. There is only one physician (and who is to say that the physician kept proper records) and the other physician only has to agree with the notes of the first physician.  The second doctor does not even have to physically examine the patient to ask him if he really wants MAID or explore other reasons why he might want death nor does the second physician see a patient's complete medical file. Only what the first physician wants him to know.  The second physician does not even have to be licensed to practice doctoring in British Columbia.

This document clearly confirms that physicians are on the path of being insensitive robotic technicians.

How can robots assess the nuances of competency.  I still do not understand why the SCC did not consider the conclusion that the BCCA said that physicians are not reliable to arbitrate competency and that Carter was wrong.

I  want to see where it is definitively written that MAID is treatment. Is killing now treatment.

And I want to know where does it say that the provinces have exclusive jurisdiction over health care.  Whatever the federal government gave to the provinces, the federal government can take it away.

Whatever is happening is dangerous.  Why is no one wanting the MAID process videotaped.  If Switzerland does this, so should we.  I recently viewed You Tube in which an euthanasia process was documented in Belgium:  Allow Me To Die Euthanasia in Belgium.  A case was described of a woman who wanted a psychological death because her daughter died three months earlier and it was granted.  The grief she said was unbearable. She seemed to be coping quite well.  It is haunting me.  It is very inviting to have a safe and painless death under cover of sleep.

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