Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Email February 12 2014

I came across an email dated February 12 2014 wherein Ro, the manager of George Pearson Center, was dictating that a visitor could only visit Randy for 10 minutes and not partake in any COVERT activity i.e. videotaping, no audio reording, no pictures.  GPC was imprisoning Randy, restricting his visitors, and saying that taking a picture is covert. It had no right to do this. How stupid is GPC. Randy had a right to have pictures taken of himself and his environment (his home).  I wanted pictures taken so I can see that he is okay.  But of course that is no allowed.  I get banned 24/7 from seeing Randy (because WorkSafe BC decided that employees of the GPC had to be protected from me)  and then I am not allowed to know what is happening to him. Others take pictures in GPC but anything to do with Randy was a no-no. What harm is there to taking a picture.  Ro would use any situation to create a situation. 

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