Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Seniors at Risk, Lois Sampson and Katleen Palamarek

This sounds exactly what happened to me.  I saved my husband's life by calling 911 and shortly thereafter I am banned 24/7 from all VCHA properties.

This is from Seniors at Risk blog.  Lois Sampson is the author.
A few weeks after the police investigation into this alleged attempted murder began (over over prescribing morphine), Mrs. Palamarek’s daughter and her colleagues (including the registered nurses) received a letter from the nursing home’s lawyer severely restricting their visits with Mrs. Palamarek, and were told they could only visit Kathleen Palamarek with a security guard present at all times.

Lois save her mother's life and she and her friends become criminals.  This is what happened to me. I had the help of a retired nurse to resuscitate my husband.  VCHA decided I did not have my husband's best interest and I was banned from all VCHA properties for life. Without doubt he would have died on November 18 2013.  VCHA put a DNR/DNT/CCO Order on Randy which was a death sentence. If 911 did not attend Randy would have died.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Remember then 4 April 2014

I just had a friend of mine visit and he reminded me of an incident (4 April 2014) he witnessed (he said it was cruel) wherein a charge ER nurse in VGH as soon as she found out who I was (while I was standing at Randy's bedside) immediately became angry and agitated.  Her immediate response was to call security and have me evicted.  My friend told this nurse that this behavior was cruel and unusual as security pulled me fromRandy's bedside.

The only way the ER charge nurse could have been alerted that I was in Emerg was by a telephone call from Ro Ang, the manageress of George Pearson Centre.  He was dying and Ro did this. What harm could I have done. 

I was 70 years old at the time, weighing 100 pounds, and I was no physical threat to anyone.  I was treated by the ER staff as a piece of unwanted junk. He died nine days later.

 I sat on the sidewalk outside for hours until I was told that Randy was stable.

Who started this hate of me.  I want to know.

It should be noted however that Randy and I were married and I was standing at his bedside holding his hand.  Not interfering with anyone.  He was simply lying in a berth in the ER waiting for a doctor to see him.  He did not look well, he had an infection, necessitating antibiotics, and needed intensive care.

Since I was banned I did not know if he was properly attended to. But I remember the cruelty.

Randy was only 57 and could not defend me as he could not talk because he was trached.


I was talking to a new friend and I mentioned the 30 November 2017 court appearance I was at.  It was I thought a simple application. But then nothing is simple...  I mentioned to her that the application involved only me (no other cases) but a security guard was standing ten feet away from me during the session.  I remember asking him why was he there.  He did not answer.  My new found friend was dismayed that they would do this.  I conclude now this is a way to get a judge to bias his opinion as I must be a crazy or else VCHA would not have asked for a security guard to be there.  VCHA would do anything to infer to a court that something was amiss.  What an insult to me and to the court.

It is the same thing VCHA does with their oral submissions.  Instead of keeping to the facts they bring up items that are irrelevant but can negatively influence a judge.  Like the time VCHA said that it did not know if I was married to my husband or not.  As if being married to him or not made a difference. It does make a difference if a judge is from the old school where being married meant that a spouse had some legal rights and a concubine had none.

Recently a non-represented litigant over a ten year period had numerous lawyers and sure enough this fact was repeated over and over again to discredit him with each court appearance. There are reasons for lawyer changing; from illness, to retirement, to getting pregnant.  Lawyers may be only hired for only one aspect of a case.

These actions are not worthy of any respect. I would call it litigation misconduct but the lawyers do it all the time and no one does anything about it. 

I was no threat to anyone in the courtroom.  It was intimidation. No wonder I am suffering from post traumatic stress.  When a lawyer arranges such a negative connotation the judge seems to cuts off any further discussion that a self-represented plaintiff might make as the judge decides it would only be ramblings and a waste of time. 

Although I am aware of what they are trying to do, it does not diminish the fear that they are getting away with such behavior and what more harm will happen to me because of their conduct.  You can only live in fear for so long.  I was bullied by VCHA from 2010 the date Randy was sent to George Pearson Centre and now even within the courthouse. Will it ever stop. The gossip, the innuendo, the false facts. The banishment, the alienation. The sordidness of it all.  Why. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fake News and VCHA

I  had to attend a court application on Thursday  November 30 2017.  It has been four days and I still have not  gotten over it.  It still do not understand why I was not given an adjournment.

I finally was able to hire a lawyer a few days before November 30 2117 who could not attend because he had a trial in another venue and also I have a medical certificate that said I was under extreme stress and that the application should be adjourned.  To me it would seem that an adjournment would be a given.   I have seen adjournments this summer at the court house being given for three months so a lawyer can holiday in Europe. Judges are even allowed stress leave.  Now I am afraid of the judicial system. I am afraid of Vancouver Coastal Health.  I am afraid of the Public Guardian and Trustee.   I do not think I can continue to do this as I am so afraid.

I am being told constantly that I started this so no leeway would be given to me by the court.  I did not start this, VCHA did. They behaved badly.  And other actors were brought in by VCHA to discredit me.  It is easy to lie hidden by confidentiality with your words being distorted by lawyers.  It is destroying my faith in the government/judiciary.

My husband had a traumatic brain injury in 2010 (he was 53) and I assumed I had some rights as his spouse.  Apparently, VCHA has the power to take that away.  It does not have to be medical, just a glance at a nurse, or trying to be friendly, could get you banned.

Fake news was not invented by Triump it always existed with VCHA.   

I was banned for life from entering any VCHA properties in 2014 because I was disrespectful to management.  Whatever that means.  I was fighting for my husband so that VCHA would not hasten his death by delaying treatment.  

I have been bullied since 2010 by VCHA.  What does the court expect from me after eight years of being tormented. All of a sudden I am assumed to be completely in control becoming an instant MENSA and I can handle a complex court process in total fear.

I did not go to court as a means of first resort, I did it as a means of last resort.   Other remedies were not offered to me.  I did not anticipate the difficulty I would face in getting a lawyer.  As soon as I would mention that I had a conflict with VCHA, interview terminated.  No facts were discussed. The propaganda out there that the laws are written so that you can defend yourself is just that propaganda.

Friday, November 24, 2017

24 November 2017 School yard bullies

As things are progressing, I feel so overwhelmed and afraid.  I was told by VCHA it is my fault that I caused all that I am suffering.  No where does it say that the actors contributed any mal behavior.  They are all protected by insurance companies and their unions, it is only I who have flashbacks and cannot sleep.  These are healthcare professionals not school yard bullies. They cannot even be shamed or shunned as their culture embraces such behaviors.  No one will confront them and say they did wrong, they will just offer condolences by their coworkers that they were unfortunately caught, if a sliver of a complaint was made. 


Monday, November 13, 2017

Hastening of Death

There has to more than me just not being allowed on VCHA properties.  I keep thinking back.  Randy was put on the Liverpool Pathway.  A Pathway used when physicians decide a patient should die.  They are trying to discredit/demoralize me so whatever I say would have no relevance.  And I am ashamed to say that they are meeting their goal.   Randy fought, he did not want to die. And I was able to save him for a few more months.  So what did VCHA do before he finally died, they banned me 24/7 for being disruptive (irrationality at its extreme). And I was told that it was my fault that my husband died isolated and alone. And if that was not bad enough, they went the extra mile and instructed the PGT to rob me of my spousal right with a Certificate of Incapability.  VCHA declared Randy incompetent.  A Certificate of Incapability says that a wife has no say, NONE. NONE. NONE.  They with malice intent did this. 

I came across this on the internet.  It was written by Ron Panzer who has been writing about stealth euthanasia (hastening death) for years.

"Imposed death" conveys the idea that is was not a natural death arising from an illness, that someone acted in a way to cause it, and often would be unwanted or involuntary.

More important than any of these legal definitions or musings is the complete inaccessibility of the judicial system by those who are wronged.  Civil attorneys will not take these cases as there is little monetary worth in the "eyes of the court" for a financial award to make the aggrieved "whole" in the civil court sense.  And, criminal investigations by the police are not undertaken in earnest if they are done at all. In almost all cases, the police will not get involved.  Even if you have conclusive proof that someone was murdered within a hospice or other palliative care setting (in hospital or nursing home/palliative care bed), the District attorneys refuse to prosecute.

So, the license to kill exists, and many family members recognize this and "use" the healthcare system to eliminate the elderly or disabled, or whoever, in order to get their hands on the estate/house/etc. sooner, to rid themselves of the "burden" of a family member they no longer wish to care for, or simply because they are utilitarians who do not value the life of the patient.

Whatever form the ending of life takes (assisted-suicide, euthanasia, or undeclared stealth euthanasia), the healthcare system has endorsed these endings of life/imposed deaths.  The staff, administrators, and bureaucrats in government no longer base their decision-making on a "Do No Harm" or sanctity of life ethic and this is the result.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

I still do not understand.....

I keep waking up in the middle of the night wondering why has this progressed so far.  All I wanted was to be with my husband.  And with the help of Nurse Ratshed and other VCHA actors I was prevented from doing so.  I was seventy years old why did they do this.

When I started a petition in the courts in mid March 2014 within two weeks Randy was declared incompetent and he became a non-person.  To become a non-person you only have to be is incompetent and the family is denied rights to decisions. The new decision maker controls even visitation.  The new decision maker does not even have to tell you where your family member is. Families might be consulted, but so what.  In Randy's case, the same physician who put an unauthorized DNR on my husband assessed him as being incapable. Randy had no rights nor I.

I did not have to do anything wrong.  They just make you believe that you did and they document nonsense. This avenue is only a PR administrative function.  You become upset and you do not venture further than blaming yourself. They are very good at it. The world of Nurse Ratsheds.

Maybe it might be easier to understand as per the Canadian Bill C-14 Euthanasia Bill.  There is no requirement to allow family to know of the intended lethal injection.  However, VCHA encourages family involvement so the family becomes complicit in the decision.  It is PR, nothing else.

I came across this post from 2013.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The bastards at George Pearson Centre

Randy was admitted to Vancouver General Hospital late October 31 2013.  Tanu knew how sick Randy was on Thursday and she true to her word won't let me on the ward so I could see him.  What a demented person she is. Randy is very fragile and he could die at any time.

Finally, at the end of tonight at VGH, Randy became responsive to me.

I was so afraid that he might die or he was on his way to be a vegetable because of brain damage.  A vegetable created by the neglect and psychological  mistreatment of him at George Pearson Centre.

I just do not understand Vancouver Coastal Health.  They think they can do what they like without regard for human decency.  I do not know what their agenda is but will someone please tell me.

Finally, Richard Singleton advised me that Randy is not being detained against his will.  After two weeks Randy is now free and not only is he free I was told that he is also competent.  So why did they attack me on October 21 2013 and prevent Randy from exiting George Pearson Centre. What is the point of his freedom when he is with infection again and in acute care..  And I still want to knew where do these infections keep coming from.

Nothing is happening to anyone at George Pearson Centre except I am still unjustly banned. VCH is using the argument that it is private property and they do not need a reason to ban anyone from the property.  The only flaw in that argument is that the purpose of a hospital is for the patients and their families.  Patients and families triumph trespass.

I did only what Randy wanted and acted in self defence. Those $100,000 nurses that were traumatized and created the drama had a few days off with pay at the taxpayers expense. No apology just revenge by Tanu that no way I am going to be at Randy's bedside if he is sick at George Pearson Centre. Like she threatened me three years ago that she could arrange that I never see Randy again..

What has our medical system become or has it always been that way.

This should have been handled via due process in 2010 which is the policy of Vancouver Coastal Health when I asked for and even went to a board meeting and asked for help and was assured of an independent investigation of the conduct resulting in my banning which never happened..  Why should they do due process because if they did it would have to find in my favour.

Policies are made to satisfy the government but are rarely followed.


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