Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emergency Homeless Shelter Task Force

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I am totally unimpressed by Gregor's choice for his emergency task force on homelessness. These choices are the same people who have for years were totally against more shelters in the City and now they are given the mandate to solve the problem. Gregor is dreaming in technocolour if he thinks they will solve anything.

The problem could have been solved two years ago when city-owned Storyeum became vacant. It would have provided the ideal location for a shelter for all of Metro Vancouver because it is in the DTES and it is also close to all transportation. Although the Water Street section has been leased (in-camera) alledgedly to a highend furniture store, the Cordova side is still vacant. So why is there no talk about Storyeum even though Claude Richmond said he would finance a building as a shelter.

What this task force will create will be a logistic nightmare and chaos rather than an efficient centralized uniform solution. The street homeless need one place to go rather than searching nightly for space available in church basements.

Storyeum is a no-brainer.

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