Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Open Board Meeting today DERA

I was told that Kim is running around trying to find a lawyer to keep me from having acccess to documents of DERA. Good luck to him. I am in the right and I can't get a lawyer. So if there is a real life lawyer outthere that has no car, no wife, no kid, no dog and live in a studio rent free you may want to volunteer in this most important legistlation of this decade call me 778-329-1250. But somehow over the generations those who run non-profits have manged to create a third level of government which most of us are not aware of and all of us should run from.

I attended the "open board meeting" on Tuesday and it became a "closed incamera meeting" so that the observers/members were forced to leave. There was nothing in the meeting that warranted such exclusion. The biggest item was me: a motion was made so that I do not send any further emails to the directors. Although I sent agenda items for this meeting to the Board (see prior post) none of them appeared on the written agenda. And of course Julie was there demanding the meeting end prior to 7:30 as she had another appointment...

Just so those of you who are not familiar with incamera meetings, it doesn't mean that they are confidential, it only means that the negotiations are, and that (1) notice has to be given to the members prior to the meeting as to the reason for an incamera meeting and(2) that after the incamera meeting the conclusion has to be reported to the members.

Remember there is an open board meeting today at 6:30 at Solheim Place 251 Union Street (Georgia street viaduct between Main/Gore/Union) January 12 2010. These meeetings are becoming very interesting ... it is a reality show

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