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Motions for the Board January 12, 2010

The motions listed below (as well as other ones) have all been sent to the Board during my ten months as a director of DERA/DERAH and they have all been ignored. For those of you who feel that I have not followed protocols that apparently are the norm on how directors get things done in a non-profit I ask who authored those unwritten protocols.

How to do my job as a director was clarified to me by Phillip Landrie, a lawyer in Hastings North (604-257-3588), who told me that societies are micro City Halls. This was further confirmed by Suzanne Anton, City Councillor, who said that the City of Vancouver was a Society.

Unfortunately, most of the 26,000 societies we now have in British Columbia have morphed to anarchies each one doing what the hell they want without much regard to the rule of law or the purpose for the society. For example, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank does not have members only directors who all have professional careers outside of their "charity" work and defer to management on every single issue. And to think we the general public give them money trusting a woman who two years ago shut down the foodbank just before Christmas in the DTES without explanation: go and eat cake, said she.


THAT the E/D be instructed to keep regular office hours and to record by the hour what he does. This is how lawyers and accountants bill their clients so why not Kim. His voice mail is always full and maybe he is overworked and deserves a raise. We as directors should know what he is doing.

THAT DERA open all day Wednesdays as it is suppose to be serving the people in the DTES. There is no reason for DERA to be closed on Wednesday.

THAT there be weekly meetings of DERA directors. DERAH is managing/owning property that is worth at least 60 million dollars (replacement value) and the directors meet only ten times a year for one hour at a time with the directors bitching that even that is encroaching on their personal time.

THAT a moratorium be put on any evictions of tenants and firings of employees for three months for each incident so that the possible evictees and those that are facing firings have a chance to present their case to the Board: this to avoid possible costly litigation for unjust terminations;

THAT unless the Board is notified of the reasons for DXXXs firing and they better be good beyond the vague "just cause" or the better one "she knows why" she is to be reinstated immediately.

THAT the Board respond to both AXXXs and HXXXs letters to it as why they had to leave the employee of DERA. And the Board allow those members that want to read the letters be allowed to do so.

THAT the Revocation of DERAH of its charitiable status in October 2009 be discussed in detail. It is inconceivable that this happened and Board or the E/D is covering it up.

THAT applications for memberships and directorships be actively solicited. DERA/DERAH do not have closed memberships or closed boards as this is not common knowledge for what reason I do not know;

THAT the Board advertise that all Board meetings are open to members and interested parties especially those interested in becoming future directors;

THAT the draft motion to pay legal costs be revisited in the light that a management employee previously told the Board two years ago that he was going to pay for the subject litigation;

THAT Kim's title be changed to "general manager" rather than executive director as the moniker executive director suggests that Kim is an elected director which he is not;

THAT a notice be sent to all tenants of the DERAH buildings reminding them to declare each month all the income of the occupants in his/her/their unit even if the occupants are not on the tenancy agreement so that fair rent is paid and to remind the tenant that any default falls on the tenant i.e. if the tenant plans to have a roommate for the next five years (or any other period past, present or future) then the tenant is responsible to pay 1/3 of the occupant's gross income as additional rent. DERA has not been enforcing this rental term as it thinks it is okay for some tenants and directors and staff who live in the buildings to pay less than ten percent of their incomes per unit. I have a friend who pays 80% of her disability income in old for profit building to rent as she isn't lucky enough to live in social housing. Her disposible income is $200 and a comparable person living in social housing would have $700 in disposable income. Disposable income is monies leftover after paying rent.

THAT a police report be ordered relating to the flooding incident on December 28 2009to help verify the circumstances surrounding the flooding and in particular to confirm that DERAH staff told the police that Dave had a violent mental history and as a result Dave was sent to the "funny farm" for assessment. I was told that one's medical condition was confidential so how was it that Tellier staff knew of it (Kim was there)and used such information to convince the police to take Dave away. After observation Dave was released to face Sabina, the Tellier housing manager, saying that he was not allowed back into his suite and that the his lock was changed. And if I do not understand what is going on then staff should explain what I do not understand. The only thing I am certain of is there had been a continuous malfunction of a fire alarm in Dave's suite and DERAH refused to fix it resulting in the sprinkler system eventually being tripped. It was not a malicious act.

THAT the auditor or the on-staff bookkeeper attend all Board meetings so that directors can ask questions of them like who was paid $5,000 to do a $500 web page when the executive director initially said the new web site would be done by a volunteer;

THAT a land search be done in the Land Titles Registry to clarify who in fact owns the DERAH buildings. If DERAH doesn't own the buildings why is it that it is listed on the tax assessment at City Hall and when I inquired from BC Housing to clarify who owned the buildings it refused to answer my email but then why should BC Housing reply to any questions. Why should BCH help me do my job;

THAT the directors who refuse to read my emails relating to Board business be asked to resign. Alex and Julie both have told me that they do not read my emails. And to think that Julie is a director of PIVOT, a legal entity who believes in the rule of law.

If there is anything in this blog that is either slanderous, libelous or untrue please contact me otherwise it stands as true.

Bulletin No. SYS-09-045 December 29, 2009


Transit Police and Coast Mountain Bus will team up to help the homeless and others who need access to shelter in extreme cold weather.

The target audience is the homeless and those most in need of shelter during the extreme cold weather.

Transit Police Constables who identify someone who needs shelter and transport to it will be able to request a bus/shuttle driver from Coast Mountain, who will provide free passage for the person to the nearest shelter location.

Transit Police will transport any persons that could potentially be disruptive on CMBC service.

It is our hope that this project will be a model of partnership for our agencies in assisting our most at risk citizens.

We very much appreciate your assistance with this project and look forward to making it a success for Coast Mountain Bus, the Transit Police and those in need.

Stan Sierpina
Vice President
Customer Service

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