Monday, January 25, 2010

Who is to blame for DERA/DERAH?

I have been ill these past two weeks and trying to caluculate what I can do to make DERA/DERAH do what it is suppose to do under the Society Act. It has gone beyond DERA's internal politics to its external causes. The external causes is that the DTES non-profit community has run from any responsibility it has for DERA hiding behind the inadequaties of the Society Act and the legal corruption which is pervasive in the DTES. Today I emailed Liz Evans and Mark Townsend (copy to the Vancouver Foundation) asking them to renew their memberships in DERA/DERAH. Both Liz and Mark are politicial creatures and it will be interesting to know how what they are going to do. Everyone that lives in the DTES is responsible for the governance for DERA/DERAH and for it to be transparent and living up to its contractural obligations to BC Housing and other funders which DERA has not been doing. And if any of you know Jim Green's email address, please forward it to me. He is also eligible to be a member of DERA/DERAH. Both Libby Davis and Jenny Kwan has used DERA as their stepping stone to their political careers. Years ago Jenny was asked to attend Board meetings of DERA and if she did there might have been a chance that DERA won't have deteriorated into the state it is in now. She refused because she is too busy being President Bush running from one photo op to another and never saying anything arriving late and leaving early. And I believe her husband is an executive at the Portland Hotel Society and it goes on and on ... What is happening at DERA is not only my problem it is also the problem of all the non-profits in the DTES who should be using moral suasion to make sure each of them are doing the right thing and not hiding behind lawyers and accountants.

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