Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st 2011

I have been seeing Randy every day over the Christmas weekend and week. This afternoon we did the letterboard thing (a letterboard is a sheet of paper with the alphabet on it). We hadn't done the letterboard for a long time. It is very time consuming as Randy's motor ability to focus his finger on a letter is difficult. It is like playing charades without action. I was able to slowly put together what he wanted to say: I have bad memories. I am afraid. I want food.

During the week there was one incident and one situation. Both are stressful. The one incident is so stupid I do not want to discuss it and the situation I am working on for it to be resolved. I always say to myself things cannot get any worse and then they do.

During the week I was able to observe in the hallway the poster children of GPC who passed by (those who documented on You Tube how wonderful GPC was). They had the freedom of GPC (24/7) and I had only my allotted time and allotted space and the flashbacks of what Linda Rose told me last summer: I would never be given anything further and if Randy was on his death bed I would not be allowed on Ward 2. This was the woman who promised me that VCH would do an independent investigation and then changed her mind. When Randy was returned to VGH in August of 2011 because of an unexpected life threatening infection at first I was allowed to see Randy during normal visiting hours and which I did for two weeks then Linda Rose found outI was there and then a no contact order was issued so that no one could see Randy and I could only see him for 10 minutes a day if I phoned ahead of time. I never phoned I just showed up for my ten minutes at the end of the day. I was told by a nurse that the time was restricted because I had issues. What issues?

I still do not know what terrible harm I did and VCH doesn't have to tell me. Legally Vancouver Coastal Health doesn't have to: no due process. Like an employer doesn't have to tell you why he fired you. VCH has policies that suggest due process but there is no way to enforce them. And it is hiding behind the fact that GPC is on private property and it does not have to justify its decision to prevent a trespass. The victims are everyone of us -- the one million citizens who depend on VCH but cannot trust it. VCH has no respect for individual rights only its collective will to be legally corrupt i.e. not do the right thing. The right thing is what a "reasonable man" you and I would expect and in this case due process. But then VGH can't be reasonable as it is not a thinking person.

What I do not understand is why is it thatI am a threat to the safety of the staff, residents and visitors to GPC and yet I am allowed isolated freedom to visit Randy. Would I not also be a threat to him?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Marina Kogan

I dropped by Marina Kogan's apartment (604-681-0648) yesterday evening. Charlie Smith wrote about her in the Georgia Straight last Thursday. She is being evicted because her apartment is a bit cluttered (the "bit" came from the landlord in various inspection reports). Marina is no different than other Russian immigrants who have always lived in small spaces which is what social housing is and saves everthing because of economics i.e. she may never be able to afford to buy such an item again. Everything is stacked up neat and tidy and there was no smell of decaying cardboard. All the bulk food was in extra large containers. She mentioned that at the hearing to get her evicted that Eddy the big boss of the Vancouver Native Housing Society said that he wanted her out as soon as possible. Eddy is in the business of housing difficult people and he can't handle her. I spoke to the prior manager of Pendera and he told me he couldn't see any reason why Marina should be evicted. Marina is making no effort to move as she has decided to commit suicide if she is forced out of her home. She is at an age when many retired people do. Eddy is written up on the internet that he makes sure all his tenants are rehoused if one place is not appropriate. So with all the thousands of housing units his non-profit has why hasn't he found one for a 78 year old Russian lady. Better yet negotiate with her to store her extra stuff in an offsite storage unit. A contract could be made listing the furniture items and personal items even the quanity of food Marina is allowed to keep in her small apartment. No matter what. She is not moving. As a side note the Portland Hotel Society who manages many many buildings, NEVER NEVER evicts anyone. The problem with Marina and Eddy is that thers is a clash of cultures. And I suspect he nor anyone from the RTA ever visited her apartment. A RTA Possession Order can be torn-up at anytime by a landlord.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the United Church

I find it distasteful that the United Church hierarchy has decided to close down its low barrier shelter in the DTES at Gore and Hastings. I have always advocated for the shelter as I would tell those that might need help to go there as it never turns anyone away. It was a safe haven and a tirage to services. I thought there was hope for the "others" in our society but the "good" people have destroyed another necessary "evil." Like Rick Matthews of the United Church (if he is still a member) said on CBC this morning that in today's world no stable would take Mary and Joseph.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Greater Vancouver Foodbank continued ...

The following is a list of the food given to a single person last week (Dec 8/11):
kit kat chocolate bar $0.69 (Dollarama)
small tin of Gold Seal tuna $2.16 (Safeway)
3 red potatoes small to medium size $1.33 (Safeway)
3 garlic clusters $2.00 (Safeway)
1 large red pepper $1.60 (Safeway)
1 package of fresh sprouts $1.50 (Safeway)
2 overripe tomatoes $1.14 (Safeway)
2 jumbo onions $0.86 (Safeway)
1/2 dozen petit eggs (so small that Safeway does not carry them) $1.00
2 packages of dried noodles $.98 (Safeway)
1 can of chicken noodle soup Campbells $1.09 (Safeway)
1 carton of Sunrype wildberry juice $1.89 (Safeway)
3 tiny apples (so small that Safeway does not carry them) $1.00
Approximate value $17.00
Chicken given to singles for Christmas given the week prior December 1st
Turkey given to familes for Christmas given the week prior December 1st
WHY would the Foodbank give out Christmas poultry four weeks before Christmas!!!!
The foodbank depot's scheduled 1/2 hour for food distribution from 11:30 to 12:00 only on Thursdays 3X a month. On December 8 2011 the doors did not open until 12:10. The line-up at 10:30 was substantial. So it took close to two hours plus travelling time. Say, 3:00 hours. I suspecdt it is worth it if you utilize everything and have a $60.00 a month heating bill that has to be paid and you want to make friends while waiting in line in the cold.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I haven't given up on Randy

I haven't given up on Randy. It is so overwhelming that I needed to focus on something else so here it is: we should limit the size of non-profits to neighbour councils or better yet get rid of them altogether.

As for Randy today is such a beautiful day and I am prevented from visiting Randy. The policies of VCH is getting very upsetting to me.

I was told that "the team" decided on my banning ten months ago. At Randy's Annual Review in November which I attended none of the team (some 15 responsible for his care) knew that they were part of the team that banned me in fact my banning was never discussed with them. Dr. Dunne, the medical director for GPC wasn't there, but earlier he had said that he won't ban anyone from seeing anyone in the hospital. So these decisions that affect the care (the will to live) of patients are not those of the care team. So it is back to Linda Rose, the director of Residential Care, who never met me before the banning and only once after and/or Bob Chapman the director of Risk Management who I had met the week before my banning but as I exited that meeting I remember saying that no one was even listening to what I was saying over the fact that I was being bullied by GPC. A week later I got banned because of the bullies and their targetted treatment of me. It was open season on me because Mr. Chapman did not do his job. First by not listening to me and second by not doing anything expeditiously. But then how could he do anything expeditiously when he didn't even listen to what I was saying. The day after the banning I protested at GPC with a sign on the sidewalk boulevard, the police were called and told GPC that protesting on the sidewalk was legal, and I remember telling the social worker at that time that no one listened to me at the meeting.

Things have to change with non-profits: full legal due process when it affects a person's rights of association has to happened and just to remind all Vancouver Coastal Health is a non-profit society which makes its own laws disguised as policies and there is no appeal process. If you want something to go your way, you have to suck up to not only to management but also the lowest of the low paid employees as well. No wonder bribery is rampant in third world countries. You pay or suck up.

I am off to Safeway to check out the prices that an individual got as free food from the the Food Bank on Thursday. It doesn't seem to be worth the three-four hours it takes to get the free food most of which an individual might not buy in the first place. What happened before we had the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. I remember being poor when I was young. But I do not remember any talk about food banks. This is what happens when you work for fifty years of your life, you don't know what is going on. And now when you do, you realize that no one else does either. And who do I blame, I blame the CBC.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

CBC Radio reported that recently the GVFB raised $425,000 in one day. That should make Cherly Carline happy as that would ensure that the GVFB has enough money to pay her unreasonable salary. According to the Canada Revenue Agency she earns in the range of $120,000 to $159,999 and I would assume considering how difficult it is for her to oversee nine managers that make close to $80,000 each a year to distribute donated food mostly by volunteers her salary is totally obscene. Since Cheryl has recently married, I am sure she could take a salary cut of $100,000 a year. But then it would be too much to ask of her as she works for a non-profit which like a corporation is a non-person. My mantra is that no one in the non-profit sector should earn more than 3X minimum wage.

I was told this morning that the GVFB does not have any members. If that is true then who elected the Board of Directors. One would expect that those who use the food bank would be members. Perhaps someone from the Board can contact me. Or is it like the Green Party wherein the Green Party only has members during an election year and the rest of the time it is the executive who are the directors. Democracy and transparency in action in British Columbia.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whatever It Takes

When Randy was introduced to the "letterboard" the first word he spelt was HELP.

Yesterday I phoned GPC 604-322-8370 and left messages at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 3:00pm for Randy's nurse to call me. In the last message I said that if staff did not telephone me I would go to GPC to check on Randy and my restriction not to enter Ward 2 be damned.

Randy is suppose to be getting 6.5 hours of care a day and I do not know what he gets. I do not think records are being kept. But one thing for sure is that a telephone can be answered.

Gray Cup day. Last year I was at GPC during Gray Cup day and it had a festive atmosphere with delivered pizzas and drinks and all the staff fixated on the game. There was only one nurse who told me she didn't like football and was looking after the residents/patients. Napolean (Ostrow) should be there to see what really is going on during sports championship events. And what about the Chairman of the Board, Kip Woodward (604-875-4719). The gentleman that assured me that he would look into my allegations of bullying by staff, visitors and residents. My concerns were brought up at the VCH open board meeting on June 8 2011 and I was assured by Linda Rose that an independent investigation would be done. This she promised in front of Kip Woodwards' assistant (Kip Woodward is the chairman of VCH). A month later, Linda Rose told me that an independent investigation was not necessay. But, Linda Rose, it is necessary because you promised me that it would happen. What about my reputation and the humiliations I have to face each day, what about denying Randy his rights to see me when he wants (none of my restrictions apply to anyone else so therefore it is baltant discrimination). Your agrument that the hospital is privately owned doesn't wash with the wrongs you have imposed. How can anyone trust Vancouver Coastal Health. The policy of Vancouver Coastal Health seems to be wait until you give up or the resident dies or better yet the caring friend dies. Linda Rose is a paid director of Vancouver Coastal Health. She oversees the management of GPC.

On Thursday the Recreation Department took Randy and I to Oakridge mall for an hour's outing. Randy seemed happy to get out of GPC even for one hour. We checked my three BC lotto tickets (no winning numbers), checked out the board games store, and ended up at Oakridge Seniors Centre. I am a member and so is Randy.

On Friday Randy was up and waiting for me. We were together for four hours. We went offsite to Dylan's coffee shop and then back to the piano room where he did lettering and then we played a simple card game. He will need a lot of therapy as he needs a lot of reinforcement to relearn. If I wasn't there who would be assigned to do this. I do not think there would be anyone. I recently spoke to one resident who told me that he doesn't know how to read or write and he has been there for twenty years. A volunteer or a student teacher could do this job for free.

Where is the commonsense, where is the leadership...where is the quality of life mantra...where is Kip Woodward and the Board ( Better yet where is Christy Clark (604-666-8380), the woman who is the premier of British Columbia and her government is for families. The government is only there so that VCH can do whatever it wants with impunity. Beware of the creeping powers of non-profits. VCH is a non-profit which is on par with a corporation in that it is not a living person. In 2012 a new law governing non-profits will be enacted, it is already written and it is scary. I suspect it will be passed in the middle of the night.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday 18 November 2011

On Friday I was able to see Randy for two hours. He was tired and so we spent most of the time holding hands. The monopoly idea wasn't so great as I couldn't remember how to play monopoly and there were no instructions. I tried to phone Randy's nurse to make sure he was okay, left a message, stayed by the phone all evening, no one returned my call. I didn't phone on the weekend as it would only cause me upset as the scenario would be repeated of staff not talking to me. Although it is in the care plan that I can talk to Randy on the phone the staff does not honour that directive.

However, Friday afternoon presented the occasion that I talk to the union rep for the LPNs (licensed practical nurses). I was told that LPNs earn $25.00 an hour plus benefits making the cost to taxpayers a total of $33.00 an hour. Up to this time I was told that the LPN are the lowest paid nurses on the ward. At $33.00 an hour I would consider them to be more than adequately compensated. I also asked about "continuous training" that the LPNs were exposed to. I was told there was none. They are given $125.00 a year for training but since there are no courses for them they cannot further expand their knowledge even if they wanted to. The union rep felt it was up to VCH to offer these courses. How can you trust nursing staff when they do not even know what is happening in medical advances. Maybe if staff was given "professional development" then they wouldn't have cause to bully. Courses have to be offered so that they feel that they belong to a group beyond their work environment. This would ensure that ethics would be foremost.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17 2011 Thursday

I am totally frustrated with GPC. I wanted to leave some flowers on the wards today and was told by the nursing staff they are not allowed to take them and security also said that it couldn't take them. What a simple thing and yet no one wants to assist. What is a person suppose to do drop them at the front door and hope no one steals them or they freeze because of the cold weather. This isn't the first time such requests were denied. I have never been in an environment where staff has been so uncooperative. Their unionized job descriptions are so strict rendering them near useless in our modern multitasking society. A job so clearly defined that one doesn't have to think or learn anything else after being hired. Just get hired and then retire with pay. This also extends to even giving Randy a chalkboard so he can scribble on it. Unless I am there apparently no stimulation is given except for the tv. I dread to know how other residents are treated or not treated. I was told that there is a shortage of volunteers at GPC. Maybe it is because the volunteers are told to see nothing and say nothing and above all do not get personal with any resident and stay away from those that can't talk or defend themselves. Isolated to the point where the residents are conditioned so even the most vocal and those treated unjustly are silenced. I ask them to speak out and am told by the residents and family members that if they do the standard of care of their caring friend or family member will be lessened. Take away stimulation; take away brain function; take away caring friends. Take away life. See You Tube: BC's Health Authorities on How to Effectively Communicate with the Public. Up to the time I came across this video I felt that I was a pawn in a script with staff orchestrating my pain until it was too much and I would go away. Too bad Randy is a fighter and an American who believes in fighting for justice. He is now the most important person in this dialogue and I am his caring friend and advocate.

I wasn't able to visit with Randy in the piano room Thursday afternoon. When I went into the ward for my allotted few minutes he said he didn't want to get out of bed because his head hurt. This is the first time he ever said his head hurt. I showed him the new AC/DC monopoly board I just purchased and could he play monopoly and he said yes. I asked him if he could go home would he get up. He said yes. I told him on Friday we could play the board game.

I told him that because I was an old lady (approaching seventy) that if I took him home without GPC's consent GPC would get the police (a restraining order) and I would never see him again. It would be evidence that I was a risk to him. I was told GPC could make sure that if I did not do whatever GPC wanted I would never see Randy again. I suspect this means that the Public Trustee would take over and make GPC his committee and GPC would totally ban me forever. Even this afternoon when I was talking to Bob Chapman I could heard him type in every word I said. In other words if I wanted a crumb I would have to suck up to each one of them (please do not kill Randy by removing his will to live) or suffer the consequences. Thank you Napolean (Ostrow). Thank you Josephine (MARY). Thank you Dr/MLA Moira Stilwell


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16 2011

I went to see Randy today. He was in good spirits but he still wants to come home and visit. I was told that yesterday (the reason why he looked white) was because he had pulled out his life support. He pulls out his life support because he is unhappy and it is the only way he can get attention so he can go home. I do not understand what GPC is doing. GPC doesn't give him any serious rehab, he just vegetates in his bed and watches tv provided the staff puts it on for him to watch. He can't communicate successfully. Randy is not under the Public Trustee so he has a right to go home and have me visit when he wants. Today he even said he wanted to be married as that would make him happy. I want to know why GPC is taking his freedoms away from him. All residents at GPC can leave for a day whenever they want, so why can't Randy.

I want an answer from VCH's legal department.

I called this evening as I wanted to talk to Randy's nurse Rio. She refused to return my call. Each time a nurse from GPC won't return my call, her name or his name is going to show up on this blog. I am tired of leaving messages and no one calls me back.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday November 15 2011

I went and saw Randy this afternoon. When he saw me he started to move his wheelchair a few minutes towards me. He was a bit drained "white" but I was glad he wanted to see me. Randy didn't have any warm slippers on only his socks; and he only had a short sleeve shirt. I asked the nurse for a toss blanket and she told me that Randy was only allowed in the piano room and he wasn't going anywhere else so he didn't need a blanket. Another misinformed nurse. Randy can do what he wants. It is me that has restrictions. If Randy wants to go offsite, he can. If Randy wants to go to Hawaii, he can.

Later he started to cry and I had a few tears in my eyes as well. This is crazy. GPC is suppose to be his home not a jail.

No one gave me the consents to sign. But then I do not understand why consents even exist when legislation says BC hospitals are immune from prosecution.

We did some lettering and alphabetical cards and I read to him a bit from a book on how doggies speak to humans. He was very interested in it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I had a sick feeling on Saturday

I had a sick feeling on Saturday and it was further confirmed when I tried to call Randy on Saturday and he won't take the phone. A resident told me this afternoon that on Saturday afternoon he/she saw Randy in his bed restrained beyond a soft restraint. He was like he was imprisoned and his arms was tried up behind his head. His television was turned off. Why was this necessary. All Randy wants is that I have more access to him or else he be allowed to come here.

When I went to GPC today I was told and shown a number of consent documents that I and Randy would have to sign before he would be allowed to leave. The health professional then ran off with the documents never to be seen again. I have taken randy off site for months now he has to sign documents. Randy I know will not sign any documents after he was tricked by VGH last year after signing documents that transferred him to GPC and for VGH not to tell me. I found this incredible and still do. Randy lost millions of brain cells because of his traumatic brain injury and yet the VGH said he had the capacity to sign documents. I asked Randy and he couldn't remember signing them. He told me at that time that he never said he didn't want to see me. I am sure he will never sign any document again. So he is being imprisoned. Poor Randy. Poor me. Poor the rest of you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Bad Day

The only thing that was agreeable today was the weather. I was worried about Randy because I had only seen him for three hours this past week. I decided to go to GPC and leave Randy a short letter and a pair of fleece pj bottoms. I phoned when I got there and no one answered the phone so I left a message for someone to come and get Randy's stuff. I waited outside. About twenty minutes later I asked a passing visitor if she would go into Ward 2 and read the letter to Randy and leave the fleece pj bottom. She came back and said that Randy was looking forward to going to my place on Monday. As I was readying myself to leave, a security guard told me to leave or else he would call the police as I wasn't allowed on the property on weekends. Not true. I am just not allowed into Ward 2. I haven't pushed the issue of my admission to Ward 2 as if there is someone there who is afraid of me I do not want to cause him or her additional fear. That isn't the whole truth though. I was told by Linda Rose that my banning was forever. Since no evidence has been given to me as to what I did I am at a loss as to why she would say tht. I asked the young security if he had viewed the You Tube video George Pearson Centre yet. Every time I see him I ask him and every time he says No. He should be aware of this most important video which was paid for by VCH. Also it is a requirement by Paladin that its security guards become integrated into GPC and its culture (see its webpage) and so they are aware of the dynamics of where they work. I then told him to call the police. I don't like being threatened when there is no reason. A few minutes later I left and when I was walking up Cambie Street sure enough two police cars came racing towards 57th and turned right. I shook my head. This is the same young security guard who tried on a previous occasion to throw me out of the GPC building when I was visiting residents not Randy and I secured bruising: all the colours of the rainbow. I showed the bruising as they changed colour to witnesses but I didn't do anything about the incident as the young security guard was only doing his job albeit with bad information and that was when I started whenever I saw him ask him did he view the You Tube Video: George Pearson Centre. Another time he also called the police on me and accused me of kidnapping Randy. I had taken Randy off site to a coffee bar across the street from GPC and I was returning him. I didn't know what to do as my instinct was to protect Randy against this unreasonable authority figure so I asked for the RN to come out and talk to me. That took about 1/2 hour in the cold and in the mean time the police showed up. These incidents are so stupid they are true. I can't make them up.

My flashback memory came back and I remember a time I was in GPC and this young security guard was motioning that the bully from Ward 2 to hide from my view. The bully from Ward 2 weighs 200 pounds and he doesn't need a 23-year old security guard to protect him. I remember shaking my head and forgot the incident. Today I looked in the parking lot and sure enough the vehicle that the bully uses was there. It is a new red Chevrolet four door cabin 4-wheel drive truck. Of course, the bully and the young security guard are colluding i.e. the bully is manipulating the security guard. It always interests me when bullies bully. I wonder if he is even paying for his wife's care. Working for a small company that he owns offers him the opportunity to pay himself a small salary so he can claim he doesn't have enough income to pay for her care while retaining profits in his company. He even cooks his meals in Ward 2 (which are against the rules see George Pearsson Centre Resident and Family Handbook). I was told that his Silverado cost $62,000. You should see the inside of it. Everything is showroom perfect. All the bullies I have knowm are perfectionists. Should I be surprised.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011

I wrote up this morning thinking of Randy and I felt anger. I had only three hours this week to visit. One hour on Monday; and Two hours on Wednesday. It is not enough time to reinforce his lettering and numbering. Vancouver Coastal Health must have a policy of not rehabing those in George Pearson Center.

I still do not understand why I was banned. Maybe it was when I raised my voice and accused the Ward of bullying. I still haven't gotten over the broken promise Linda Rose made that she would have an independent investigation done over what happened. And, then, one month later (July 2011) she advised me that this wasn't going to happen. Linda Rose was the manager of George Pearson Center in 2010 and I suspect she doesn't want any professional outsiders near the place. She got a promotion out of GPC with GPC still being under her authority. The bullies must have developed a close relationship with her for her to gamble her reputation and career on. I see no objectivity in how she treated me causing unnecessary restrictions and preventing Randy from his right to see me when he wants. It is easy to control Randy as he can't talk or write so he can't even ask to see me. Being poor opens up one's life to total abuse. And it was her who made sure that when Randy (after he turned blue at GPC) was sent to Vancouver General Hospital in August 2011 that I could only see Randy for ten minutes a day from eight hours. Previously I was told by Risk Management that I could visit Randy at VGH for as long as I wanted as there was no one there that was afraid of me and I did so close to two weeks. Maybe the VGH restriction was initiated by Linda Rose in the hope that I would make a scene and it could be used to ban me forever. As to my mental health, I am still open to seeing a psychiatrist. If I am someone to be afraid of then VGH should have done this ten months ago to protect its residents, its staff and its visitors. It would be very embarrassing for VCH if a psychiatrist said that I was reacting normally under the daily bulling I was facing.

I keep remembering what Moira Stilwell, MD turned MLA, said to me that VCH has its own government and I would have to work with the abusers. Thanks Moira.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 5 2011

I was able to see Randy on Friday. I wasn't able to see him in the piano room on Thursday as he said he was in pain and didn't want to get out of bed. He seemed to understand that I couldn't stay at his bedside for longer than a few minutes. I do not know who belongs to the "team" who made the rules for my constructive banning but I was told many months ago that it came from the executive offices i.e. Napolean Ostrow because of this blog. If he knew what he was doing, he would welcome blogs such of mine to quickly with haste correct faults within Vancouver Coastal Health rather than spend his time speaking to the converted that we have the best care in Canada and GPC is a lighthouse for the world. I heard him speak at the open VCH board meeting in June 2011 and only sunshine came out of his mouth. See You Tube video: George Pearson Centre.

On Friday Randy and I played a simple card game called fish. He was picking up the cards and moving them so he is trying his best. Ever since I told him that because of his accident his brain is scrambled so he has to relearn everything he has been improving. I told him what he sees in his brain isn't always what is translated to me and the nurses. I remember one time giving him an educational toy and he threw it on the floor from his bed and I was able to read his lips to say "I am not a baby." I will never forget that.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Legwarmers needed ...

I am on a new project: the collection of legwarmers to be distributed to the cold and frail at hospitals provided they are knitted with soft "baby" wool and other knitted legwarmers to be distributed to the elderly and the street homeless.

I am sourcing an easy pattern to knit or crochette and will post the instructions as soon as I get them for those who know how to knit.

If you already have legwarmers that you can donate drop them off at 5976 Cambie (basement entrance) across from Safeway at Oakridge Mall or let me know and I will come and pick them up. 604-321-2276 I will distribute them if you can't.

Legwarms (sleeves) made from soft yarn is the answer to those being cold in a hospital or residential setting. Easy to put on; easy to take off; easy to knit: either rectangles or knit-in-the-round (tube). They should be seamless or have invisible handsewned seams. What a simple solution to an old age problem.

I spent the last few days seeking out legwarmers in dollarstores. There is some stock but none with the soft yarn knitted that would be close to the body to fit the legs or arms snuggly. For the frail item 16-3010054 one size fits all the one with fuzzy strips) is the best (if you live in an area that has a Dollarama)and is priced at $1.50. Buy them all up and donate them to your local residential care or hospital.

The knit has to be a rib stitch so it can stretch. At the beginning use a smaller sized needles (4-6 rows) to get more stretch to act as an elastic (not necesaary but desireable) and then go to a slightly larger needle(s) all the while doing knit one pearl one (64 stitches)) and knit about 20-inches for a one-size fits all pattern.

Although fashion sleeve legwarmers have been around forever, the use of them for the frail and the aged has not be exploited. I hope the "sleeves" become a standard in everyone's family.

In addition to knitted legwarm sleeves, I would also like to collect socks being mismatched or used. The homeless are always short of socks and I will make sure they are distributed fairly. The socks do not have to be in perfect condition; they do not even have to match or be sized.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday October 31st 2011

After rushing off to the dollar store to purchase legwarmers, I came home at 7:30 p.m. to a large doggie (retriever) hiding under the table quivering (I got to start doing crossword puzzles so I can increase my vocabulary) in fear. He is trembling. This big doggie is afraid of the noises of Hallowe'en. He has serious issues: he is afraid of any large noise and bolts until he runs away from the sound with me running after him or if inside he burrows into a corner under a table. Try to move/comfort a 100 pound doggie when he is afraid. I will have to spend the evening soothing/holding him. I am close to seventy years old. Do I need this. Of course I need else am I to keep active.

I was able to see Randy today. He was so "normal." We spent two full hours doing lettering, visiting with Russ, Roy, Asif and Ray, being disabled residents who dropped by, and, briefly a volunteer, GPC's carpenter in Hallowe'en dress and the nurse practioner. I am beginning to think the best thing that happened was my constructive banning.

If it wasn't for that Randy most likely would have died by now because I would just be at his bedside and he won't be forced to get up. I remember when I was saying something about me being banned someone said at least now he gets up. I can't remember who she was as there were people around and confusion and when I am under stress things fade into memory flashbacks but thank you for saving Randy's life and perhaps even my own.

I have to leave the blog as the big doggie needs me.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Randy on Saturday

A friend of Randy's went to see him and she called me from his bedside on her cell. I spoke to Randy for a few minutes telling about seeing him on Monday and that on Saturday I was taking the doggies to the groomers for their annual grooming. Can't afford it more than once a year. The groomer chopped so much hair of them I couldn't even recognize them. To say the least both of them didn't seem happy as they ran to hide behind my legs when I went to pick them up. They have been such a comic relief for me.

Randy's friend said that he wrote out his initials in the air so she could see them. He really is keen to learn. There just is no one there to help him. I can't access him as much as he needs. She didn't stay long but I was grateful that she did go and see him.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Randy on Thursday/Friday

Yesterday being October 27 2011 Randy was not as enthusiastic as he was on Wednesday but he repeated his lettering, moved his wheelchair, and was social with a few of the residents who came into the family room.

Today being Friday October 28 2011 when I arrived at GPC at 2:00 p.m. I was told by Tanu that Randy didn't want to get out of bed. When I went to see Randy for my five minutes to see that he was okay (I am sorry I thought it was ten minutes but have been advised it is only five minutes)he wanted me to stay by his bedside as he said he was in pain but I told him that GPC won't let me. He would have to get up and be in his wheelchair and he would have to go to the piano room. He agreed and then I was told that there was no staff to put him in his chair and he should have told the staff earlier if he wanted to see me. (Randy for the most part cannot connect because of his brain injury cause and effect. He seems to live in the moment). It was a repeat of what happened on Monday.

GPC knows every time I go down the hall to see him for my five/ten minutes he always wants to see me. Randy is suppose to get 6.5 hours of care a day. For staff to spend five minutes to put him in his chair should not be a hardship. I am not there to visit I am there to audit/rehab which GPC has been faulty in not motivating Randy to do which which means he must have at least 6.0 hrs a day credit over one year 360 days X 6 hrs = 2,160 hours X $100 an hour = $216,000) which GPC is being paid for and Randy is not getting treated for.

Randy has had a traumatic brain injury and millions of his brain cells have been destroyed and the staff at GPC treat him as he is whole. He isn't. The staff at GPC must be very badly trained as they do not seem to understand this. He responds well to visual stimulation (like seeing me) not verbal questions (like do you want to get up in your chair or do you want any visitors). I still do not understand why when he was in acute care (VCH) he was taken out of bed each day and they didn't ask his permission but at GPC they ask him. I suspect it is easier to keep him in bed so he loses muscle mass and eventually won't be able to get up even if he wanted to.

How easy it would be to alienate his affection for me. GPC has custody of him all the time and I get to see him only a few hours/few minutes a week. I fear he is becoming institutionalized and I am helpless to prevent it.

When I left I had to pull my hand away from his grip. He wasn't crying but I was. I was told on Wednesday that he has been put on antidepressants which would dull his reactions as he usually cries when he sees me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Randy on Wednesday

I went to see Randy today and he was so looking normal. This first thing he did was grab a small white board and a white board marker and printed out "R" "W" in large letters to fill the white board. I was so pleased and so was he. I told him he can now sign cheques payble to me. And he shook his head. He wasn't going to give me any money. Unless he loses his will to live, he will survive.

Then he decided he wanted to show me his expertise in navigating his wheelchair. This is something because I do not think that OT had spend much time with him showing him how to use his wheelchair except for the few hours I did with him. Then he went further and put his feet on the floor (after I removed the pedals) and was able to navigate his chair with moving his feet although limited in distance. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy.

Randy needs motivation: he needs hope; he needs a future; he needs things besides only being kept alive.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I was right.

Randy didn't want to get out of his bed to see me today. I looked at him and was in near tears as what I saw wasn't the "normal" appearance of hope I saw on Thursday. He was a skeleton with skin. When I inquired as to why he didn't want to get up he acknowledged that he wanted to go home. Although Randy changed his mind about getting up the charge nurse said she didn't have the staff to lift Randy out of bed and put him in his wheelchair and I would have to return tomorrow.

There is a letter out there written by Bob Chapman of Risk Management that says that I can only attend to Randy at his bedside for only ten minutes max and for me to have a longer visit Randy would have to be transported to the piano room. Apparently after ten months the residents are still afraid of me and GPC hasn't done anything to end the fear like getting a psychologist to speak to the residents about the fears of me. As far as I can tell no one is afraid of me.

Today I phoned at 4:15 GPC Ward 2 as I wanted to leave a message that I would phone Randy at 7:00 pm. By luck the afternoon RN answered the phone and she connected me with Randy. I was apologizing to Randy about not phoning him yesterday and that I had tried to phone on Friday and Saturday as well. I told him that the staff said he was sleeping but I knew he wasn't as I went to GPC and looked in his window at 9:05 pm and he was watching television. I knocked lightly on his window and I could see his head and knee move. I also told Randy that I would ask the medical staff that I attend with him when he is scheduled for medical treatments like physio (Randy apparently is refusing physio and other treatments) and I would be there as his support. When I said to him that I didn't understand why the staff won't let me talk to him on the phone on Sunday, the phone line abruptly went dead. For the readers, for me to phone Randy a nurse holds a phone to his ear as Randy does not have the dexterity to use a phone and he breathes heavily so I know he hears me. I never talk more than two minutes. I know the nurse hears our conversation but I do not know if it is on speaker phone or not; no difference as I am tired of being careful with what I say and how I say it. The stress is too much.

Back to Thursday and Randy's cry for FOOD. I was sick over it as I realized that the bully who cooks gourmet meals in Ward 2 must still be cooking his dinners there. The bully is a visitor who lives there except for the few hours he works. I complained prior to my banning about his "right" to cook spicy gourmet food as the smell must be torture to residents like Randy who cannot eat.(I just revisited the You Tube George Pearson Centre video and there the bully is saying he cooks at GPC). It has been ten months since I was constructively banned from GPC in the evenings and weekends and holidays when the bully would be there. I had forgotten that he must be continuing in his disregard for the helpless and vulnerable residents at GPC as long as he is "on board." The policy of GPC is that visitors are only allowed occasionally to have tea and a cookie; they are not allowed to buy food in bulk from Costco and cook it there. How can I argue with this "poster child" in the You Tube video of George Pearson Centre. He and the other bullies are all featured in the video as loving GPC. What a nauseating sequeal and true to the definition of bullying.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

When is a lie cruel?

I have been trying for three evening to talk to Randy. I leave messages and my calls are not returned. This evening at 8:25 I called again and Rick answered. He said that Randy was asleep. A few minutes later I called again as that was impossible as Randy never goes to sleep that early. Another nurse answered the phone and she said she would go and check. I heard in the back ground some discussion and she told me that Randy was sleeping. I decided to take the bus to GPC and I arrived there at 9:05. I looked in Randy's window and could see the television was on. I could see his head move. I could see his knee move vertically up. As I walked pass the nurse's station I could see Rick reading a comic book at the common table and the rest of the staff congregated in the nurses' station chit chattering. When I say to Randy I will telephone him at a certain time and the staff refuses to connect you that is cruel and everyone of them who have been party to preventing Randy from speaking to me should get fired. This isn't the first weekend this has happened. Nearly every weekend this happens. And all it does is create distrust. Randy cannot believe what I tell him. And the staff at GPC think that is okay. Well it is not. How dare they behave in such a callous way. And I have told administration and they ignore me as well.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Visit to Audrey's (home)

Yesterday Thursday 20 October 2011 Randy came for a two hour visit (his first home visit) to my small basement suite. The GPC recreation department arranged it. When I first saw Randy he looks so normal as opposed to the uncertain look I usually get when I see him. The recreational supervisor was so good with him as it was he who navigated Randy from his hospital bed to my place and picked him up at 4:00 pm.

After Ron left Randy in my care, Randy became very vocal with his hands and mouth although no sound came from his mouth. I did not know what he was attempting to say. He was very agitated. He pointed to the letter board on the table and he spelt out with his index finger "FOOD." I didn't know what to do and I couldn't do anything. He can't swallow so he can't eat regular food and he has been hooked up to a feeding tube for the past 17 months. He was angry at me and stayed angry for a good hour until I put on a AC/DC DVD on the computer. It distracted him a bit as did the dogs. However, he didn't want anything to do with me.

I hope when I go and see him at 2:00 he will see me. He still might be angry because I did not feed him.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Learning to Write

On Friday and on Monday I spent my time with Randy teaching him how to print his initials. I was told learning to write is very difficult for the brain injured. It requires much repetition and patience. I was surprised at Randy in his determination.

Today being Tuesday the social worker gave me a "letter board" for Randy. A letter board is a 81/2" X 11" sheet of paper with the alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 9.

I spelt out Randy and Randy pointed his finger to each letter. I then spelt out my name and Randy pointed to each letter. I asked him to spell out something. He pointed to four letters: the first letter was "H"; the second letter was "E"; the third letter was "L", and the fourth letter was "P". HELP. This is the first word he has spoken besides nodding "yes" or shaking his head "no" at questions directed to him.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 9th/October11th 2011

I was able to see Randy just for ten minutes on both of these days as Randy was not able to get out of bed. He told me he was in pain. Today as I was leaving I gave him a DVD from AC/DC and he and some members of the ward were interested in it. Randy beamed with excitement that he had something he could share with others. He always liked to share. I just hope that the pain is less tomorrow so I can see him for more than ten minutes. I can only see Randy for ten minutes in his bed if he can't get up in his wheelchair to be taken to the music/family room where we visit for a few hours. The room is very unfriendly and it shuts off me and Randy from the rest of the centre. Which means we cannot participate in any activities that GPC is offering to the regular residents. There was a funeral last week and we couldn't attend. Today the Residents Council Meeting was closed to us. Randy's social skills and guality of life seem to be going downhill each day. No quality of life so why live. A resident told me that the only reason residents die in GPC is because they give up. I am not even a resident at GPC and sometimes I feel like giving up also. It is a very depressing and sad place with a little hope.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Truth from a Nurse Published Oct 4 2011

On Sunday evening I spoke to Susan Vickers a nurse on leave from the nursing profession. She told me that it takes three months for a resident/patient to become institutionalized i.e. realize that a residential care facility is the best it is going to get and for them to accept the environment. She also said that only ten percent of a resident's support network continue to visit on a regular basis. She described her work as looking after the abandoned. She concurred with management on my banning as I should have only visited Randy never mind trying to be friendly to others. Now I understand the silence I received from GPC management when I said I would like to adopt three or four residents so when I visit Randy I can visit them as well. Susan confirmed that the staff doesn't like visitors but will put up with them as they know that after three months there is a 90% chance of a visitor never to return. And in my case it was exactly three months from the time Randy entered George Pearson Centre until my banning. Susan opined that it was okay that GPC gave me short hours to visit Randy at times that were inconvenient to me and also that she didn't see Randy was treated in a discriminatory factor in that Randy was being treated differently from other residents as to visiting hours (10am to 10pm). The hours given to me were designed for the convenience of GPC and not for me or for Randy. During the weekdays there is much activity in the ward and he has stimulation but it is in the evenings, weekends and holidays that the ward is very quiet and that is when visitors should be visiting. Susan could see no need for me to stay more than two hours since he can't talk. No he can't talk but he knows that I am there and he can touch me and I can touch him. She also said that volunteers are discouraged in residential care facilities as staff doesn't want them to see what is really going on. The first day I went to visit Randy there were no chairs for visitors. Only visitors who have blinders on and only focus totally on their family member are allowed. In Open Ward 2 where Randy is there is only one visitor there from 10 to 10; 7 days a week except during the few hours he works. This bully sucks up to management and has for eight years. He is the one who makes sure visitors do not return. He makes visitors feels uncomfortable, he never shares even his newspaper, he controls the common area such as tv and food and who can even sit at the table. He spreads malicious gossip and lies. Even residents from other wards are afraid to visit Ward 2 when the bully is there. And the staff is wanting of him as then they only have to deal with him rather than other visitors or residents from other wards. What GPC should be working for is that each resident has a caring friend or two, an adopted friend, or caring relatives that visit more than once a year. There is so much humanity lost at GPC. What there is is the Stockholm Syndrome...identifying with your abusers so that you do not know you are being abused and are agreeing with them. I am told that GPC isn't a prison. I agree GPC is not a prison because when you are in a prison you know you are in prison. GPC is worse.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Unreasonable Man

Today is September 28 2011 and I just listen to CBC and an interview about making bullying a criminal offence. The prosecutors could start with George Pearson Centre... I am constantly taunted and the perpetrators are hidden by confidentiality. They do it in the most sinister way and I have no recourse except to become more and more jaded with the medical system. It has been nine months now and no one has stood up to defend me. The incidents have all been instigated by staff or residents who seem to enjoy the way I am being treated or by now they would have done or said something to me. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Everyone of these bullies must have come from abusive backgrounds. I asked that all staff at GPC be psychologically tested for suitability for working in residential care and I was told that would be impossible. This bullying culture could be ended very quickly by changing the attitude of care. Patients are the customers and the health professionals are the employees and the customer is always right. Simple. But instead the patients and families have to suck up to the health professionals or the patients/residents will not be treated the best they should be. A select group mostly composed of those that work or have worked in the health field know of this and they perpetuate ill treatment of others as long as they think they are looked after. The unhappy psychopath Ann Ryan who died alone said something like "I am on board; cut the lifeline for everyone else."

A quote by George Bernard Shaw (1903).

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

I personally see the world as "just" so I must be very unreasonable.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3 September 2011

I went to see Randy Saturday afternoon (September 2, 2011). He didn't want me to leave but I had to explain that the hospital only gave me ten minutes. I do not know why. I asked for a copy of Randy's care plan and no one gave me one. It doesn't matter if you are at GPC or VGH the attitude of staff is the same. In 2006 Randy executed a document saying that he wanted me to be his guardian in case of disablity and VGH only honours it now and then.

This past week it has been very quiet so VCH is up to something. When I have these uncertain feelings something always happens.

Trip to VGH 02 September 2011

It has been very quiet this week. When things are too quiet I assume something is happening behind my back. I never think things are going to get worse but each day they do negating whatever was worse before. Yesterday, animal control gave me a ticket for $250 because little Owen was off leash. He was on a leash but he bolted and I had to let the leash drop. The animal control person was apprehensive of me like she was expecting me to give her a bad time. I never get angry with someone over something like that: road rage is not me. Owen was off leash and a neighbourhood person reported it. Now I will have to make arrangements with Animal Control to make payments. Another incident to take a few hours of my limited remaining life.

I went to see Randy for a few minutes yesterday. Three weeks ago Saturday Randy was transferred back to VGH as he had an acquired pneumonia infection. Last time he had an acquired hospital pneumonia he was in VGH isolated in a single room for six months.

I went with a friend of Randy's and mine and his girlfriend to visit Randy on Saturday. Chad said he never every since he knew me saw me so frightened that I was unable to talk to staff i.e. I have become afraid of VCH as no matter how you conduct yourself a nurse will be writing up an incident report. A report that they do not give you a copy of. I could hardly talk. I do not understand as you are suppose to have privacy when visiting and not have three nurses three feet from you watching and writing down everything you touch and say.

Randy was happy to see me and he did not want me to leave but VGH said I had to leave within ten minutes. I do not understand where this ten minute restriction came from. I remember asking for Randy's care plan and none was emailed to me. I tried to talk to the social worker yesterday and she didn't return my call. So, VCH is up to something just to create more stress for me and Randy. They do whatever just because they can. My doctor is amased that I am still able to function. Since he has known me for close to 30 years, he is the only one I trust with my health. I am close to 70and not one of my relatives have lived past that age. I have to start planning for the next stage. I phoned his parents again in the hope they would came and give me a respite but was told that they did not want to know anything about Randy or me and both of us were off their radar. So much for familial support. The most important thing I have to do is make sure Randy will be in a safe place but where is a safe place. Since he has no money, no one wants to his guardian. He will surely die within months of my death. Randy is very strong so I do not understand why he has not been given physio and other treatments. He will loose all his muscle strength if kept in bed all the time.

I did some fundraising on the street to rent Randy a few days of television rental at VGH. VGH charges $17.36 a day. Those patrons that gave money were very nice. We would always talk and most had suffered a hospital experience without a television. I still do not understand why VCH doesn't supply televisions to brain injured patients. Brain injured patients need stimulation to keep their brain alive and relearnable. Televisions should be a prerequite treatment.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Abuse at Residential Care Home (UK)

It is happening here as well. If abuse is happening in one residential care hospital, then it is happening in others. In George Pearson it is mostly psychological abuse leading to the eventual consent by the resident to be isolated. Visitors are discouraged and, if they still continue to visit, are made to feel uncomfortable and eventually they stop coming. In Randy's ward of ten beds, I only remember four residents who had visitors during Christmas week. It was icy silent and sad.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gratitude to Nurse Florence Nightingale

During my alloted phone call I was asked by Randy's nurse to purchase Randy some shaving cream as the supply I had purchased him prior to my banning had run out. Prior to my banning I looked after all such toiletries and his clothing needs including washing them and purchasing them. She said that she has been using his hair shampoo to shave him. At least one person (the one and only time)used initiative in GPC and spoke to me about Randy's needs.

Then I wondered why couldn't she have used/borrowed shaving foam from another resident when Randy's supply ran out and let me know Randy's supply had ended. The staff at GPC have my phone number. I am sure there is a policy that states to staff not to encourage sharing among its residents as sharing denotes friendships. The irony of it all. To make it more ironic the wards are not suppose to be called wards they are suppose to be called "neighbourhoods."

This is in keeping with the fact that when Randy's television (loaner) fell down and crashed from it ceiling mount NO ONE told me. It was a friend who went to see Randy in June and he checked with me afterward to let me know if I knew that Randy didn't have a TV. Randy was without a TV for a month. Remember that Randy cannot talk or walk and he has a trach, a feeding tube, a peepee tube and he had a traumatic brain injury and because of my limited physical access (this week 12 minutes)to him he has nothing to occupy his time or stimulate his brain except to watch TV or stare at the ceiling and for one month he had nothing. When I got my pension cheque I blew all my dispoable income on a new television for him as it will be the only thing he will have and I wanted him to have the best (an onsale 32inch flatscreen with a DVC for $450. with taxes). I have had to cut $back since then like not taking Randy's pet "his son" he calls Owen, a terrier-poodle cross, to his semi-annual grooming session. Randy never had any children.

Monday, August 8, 2011

60 days and still nothing

It has been two months since Kip Woodward the Chairman of Vancouver Coastal Health promised to post his email address on his bio on the VCH website. I suspect Napolean Ostrow is stomping his feet and shaking his fists saying to Kip that he doesn't have the budget to ask a low-level tech to add Kip's email address to his bio. Poor powerless Kip; poor powerless the Board; poor us the one-million plus of us who use Vancouver Coastal Health. My grandmother would call this shameful behavior but in today's world there is no such thing as shame. But then the Board might not be aware of what its true function is: it is to audit the policies that exist and the only way the Board might suspect something needs auditing is from complaints/suggestions from the public.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Since I couldn't visit with Randy for our two hours yesterday as he was very tired (depressed)I called this morning at 10:30 and left a message for Randy to call me before 1:00. I am allowed to telephone Randy on the days I do not see him. (I made sure that I got permission so I could do this and was told that an email was sent to the ward.} No return call. At 1:30 I telephoned and said that I would be going to GPC and drop off two pictures for him as well as some yellow roses. This I did. I then tried to telephone Randy's nurse to hear if Randy was happy with the roses and the pictures. The head nurse who answered the phone said Helen was coming to answer the phone and then she asked my name and then she said that Helen was too busy and that I wasn't allowed to phone the ward on weekends or go to GPC on weekends. This is not true. The only stipulation now is that I cannot go down Ward 2 as a number of the residents are apparently afraid of me unless accompanied by a supervisor for two to five minutes on the days Randy's isn't up to seeing me. Staff must be reinforcing their fear of I do not know what. This phantom fear has been going on for six months now and surely those that had the fear dictated to them should have gotten over it by now. Or maybe it is not a fear maybe it is just that three or four of the residents just don't like me. I do not know for sure.

After the 3:00 pm shift change I have been trying to phone Randy and the calls are sent to voice mail and I left two voice messages. The last phone call at 9:30 p.m. said for the shift RN to call me. It is now 10:32 the next day Sunday and no one has phoned me from GPC. This isn't an isolated incident. It is the way GPC works. After awhile you give up trying to phone. Oh well, another day, and another phone call to a voice answering machine (10:33 am). I feel that I am a prisoner to waiting for a phone call. For general information up to three weeks ago it never occurred to me that I could phone and talk to Randy. Another don't ask don't tell scenario by staff. I only found out from another resident who said her daughter would call her when she could get someone to answer the phone and the nurse would give the wireless to her. In Randy's case since he cannot talk the only way I know he can hear me is when I ask him to breathe heavily into the phone and quickly before two minutes are up (the seconds are guided by the second hand on my clock) I end the conversation as a nurse is holding the phone to Randy's ear. I can't chance them saying I am taking nursing staff time from during their duties and cutting off this one-sided unable to see communication. There even is a You Tube video found under abuses in nursing homes in the US about staff deflecting phone calls. So it is an universal practice.

I phoned at 1:33 p.m. Sunday and was able to talk to a real person and she connected me with Randy. I asked him if he was disappointed that I didn't phone him yesterday and he breathed heavily twice...


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Computer down addendum Aug 4 2011

My computer has been done for a few weeks so I haven't posted anything. It has been a nice holiday from reporting my ongoing sojourn with VCH. It has been going on 6 months since my constructive visiting hours were imposed. I can't believe it. In this time of cutbacks management is spending so much time over a patient who was nothing more than a bum and me a 65 year old retired lady who lost 100 pounds over the last year. I owe all this to Kim Sinclair and her team of professionals.

In the event you are not aware of the way patient care is now it is with a "team" of professionals so no one takes any resonsibility for anything. But anyone who has taken psy101 knows all groups by natural selection has a leader who says it is the "team" in any draconian decision making.

I still do not understand their insistence on not giving treatment to those patient that refuse it. It is bizarre. A patient won't want to be in a hospital if they did not want to get well. This is an area of "medical ethics" that is still completely beyond my understanding.

I should remention the reason for the scorn of Kim towards me. Last November 2010 Randy was scheduled to go to die in the infamous George Pearson Centre for three weeks prior to him being transferred. Jill the head neuro nurse just forgot to mention it to me (although the day before I was talking to her) and I found out only by chance from overhearing a student nurse. Randy signed a document witnessed by two naming me as his guardian in case of disability and the hospital had it. Not telling me was deliberate and it got worse after that (more on that later as I still haven't got back my computer).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Concession.

I was able to see Randy on Thursday, Friday and Monday. On Tuesday I was told he didn't want to see me. Being in his presence is very calming for me. Because of the police being called on July 2 2011 I was told my visiting rights would still be restricted to 2:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

However, one concession was made if Randy said that he didn't want to see me I could go onto the ward to check on him with a supervisor. GPC doesn't want the police to attend again if I want verification that Randy is okay. I need a superviser with me to ensure that I donot disturb any resident. So I am not sure if it is a concession or not.


Friday, July 8, 2011

720 Hours (30 days) and still waiting

It will be at 11:00 am today 720 hours (30 days: one month) since the Chairman of the Board of Vancouver Coastal Health agreed to post his email address and those of the other Board members on the VCH bio page of directors. (

I suspect Napolean Ostrow is doing everything possible to prevent this from happening. I would like a forensic time line from June 8 2011 as to what has been not been done to comply with this order from the government of VCHA (its Board).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Visiting Randy

I wasn't able to see Randy on Sunday July 3 2011 but on Monday July 4 2011 after having staff deliver Randy a July 4 2011 gift he came out to see me. Although Randy is Canadian he spent most of his life in the USA. Yesterday Tuesday July 5 2011 I was able to see him again. I was so relieved that he was okay that we didn't say much. Just sat close to each other like two old couples. There really isn't too much to say especially when Randy can't talk. Sometimes I can make out that he is moving his lips to say he is not a baby. He was using the room to negotiate his wheelchair. He can only go a few feet with it.

When I am upset I tend to misplace things and now I am tearing my small one room suite apart looking for things. And then to make it worse I get a hydro bill for my new place $160.00 for two months. I live in a 500 square foot basement suite. How can it be that much. I must be totally out of touch with $reality.

Randy conveyed his wish to me yesterday that Joan and Ron his parents come and visit him. I do not know how I can accomplish that miracle. Both of his parents are alive and they live in Casa Grande Arizona. Like all those who have abandoned their famlies to the care of residential care homes, they have too.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

No visit with Randy July 2 2011

I arrived at George Pearson at 1:00 p.m. Gloria the resident co-ordinator arrived at 1:20 with security and said that Randy did not want to see me. She told me to leave. She was accompanied by security. I said I would wait for 30 minutes to see if Randy would change his mind. She told me that she was going to call the police. One-half hour later I approched Gloria and asked her to again ask Randy if he wanted to see me. She refused. The police arrived. I asked the police to ask Randy if he wanted to see me. Gloria refused to let them enter the open ward were Randy was.

On June 21 2011 Randy signed a document reiterating that I was his guardian and he would tell me face-to-face if he didn't want to see me.

A visitor while I was waiting for the police dropped by and said that Randy was restrained and was lashing out violently at the staff. Randy can't speak so he would be moving his hands trying to communicate to a mass of robots. I would have been able to calm him down within sixty seconds by removing his restraints and putting his head on my chest and holding him and then tears would be casscading from his eyes. Randy is trapped in his body; he can't eat; he can't walk; he can't talk; he can't write. He can't even move his fingures to push the television remote. He is gonig through intense trauma and the robots are creating it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st 2011 weekend

I just got back from George Pearson Centre. I took the doggies for a long walk and I wanted to drop off a peace lily for Randy. In the last two weeks I was only allowed to visit Randy twice. Staff kept saying that he didn't want to see me.

I wasn't able to see Randy today as I was advised by Bob Chapman that staff leveling would be low and they won't be able to get Randy up. Well that was the truth. I spoke to a mobile resident and was told that 90% of the residents are still in their beds as on holidays staffing is minimal and there is nothing to do. Millions of dollars are donated to hospital structures but no one is willing to spend time with abandoned residential residents. No even one staff member would come and just visit for an hour. They could bring the familes and their children could see where Daddy works. There is no community in an institution. Never mind staff, where are all the union reps.

I was also advised by Bob Chapman because of the long weekend I would be able to visit with Randy on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 p.m. provided Randy would see me. The problem with that is how do I trust staff to tell me the real truth. All staff has to do and this has happened in the past when Randy was suppose to be at a team meeting say to Randy at 9:00 a.m. do you want to get out of bed. Of course he will say no; it is too early for him; and the staff at 1:00 p.m. will tell me that he doesn't want to get out of bed therefore he can't see me. They have a script for everything. Since Randy can't talk he can't initiate conversations. And I am not allowed access to his bedside.

P.S. at the team meeting in December 2011, when Randy's doctor arrived all he did was glare at the charge nurse and Randy was ready to attend the meeting within minutes.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

418 Hours and Nothing

I suspect Kip must be looking for another chairmanship job as he can't even get VCHA to add his email address and his phone number on the website after 418 hours (from the date and time of his promise at the open board meeeting).

I haven't been doing very much this past week except go and visit Randy and spend time at Laurel and West Boardway with my sign asking for donations to pay for Randy's television. The people are very nice. They all think it is dreadful that the Health Authority does not provide televisions to its patients especially those with brain injuries who need mental stimulation.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

210 Hours and Still Waiting

VCH has a $3 billion budget overseeing one million citizens 604-875-4719 Kip being the Chairman of the Board is the boss of Napolean Ostrow. Napolean is only a paid employee along with with his lady mary.mary and lady-in-waiting kim sinclair.

I was just told by a RN who has worked most of her life in residential care and doesn't want to nurse abandoned patients/residents anymore. She said that a resident in a care home becomes institutionalized at three months which runs parallel to family support networks abandoning 90% of their loved ones. Staff can handle 10% of visitors if staff is convinced that those visitors only devote their time to their loved ones and not even care to know the name of the person in the next bed. (Willey at the time of my banding did not even know Randy's name whose bed is next to Amy's. Willey is the video star in the recent uploaded You Tube video entitled George Pearson Centre). Rather coincidental that my "banding" occurred at the end of February: three months exactly. So even the constructive banding (I am allowed to see Randy three times a week time limit three hours each at a time inconvenient for me so I won't visit) Visitors who visit Charles Manson get five hours (see Saturday's Sun newspaper). It is just another step to further institutionalize Randy so he doesn't feel the need to have visitors especially someone who he thinks is slowly abandoning him because she doesn't come everyday like she used to.

Randy was forced to go to GPC and he does not remember signing the admission papers nor saying he did not want to see me and he did not want to move to George Pearson Centre and when I objected the start of my discrediting (the fourth D)to ensure the third D happens (divide resident/patient from family)by VCHA started. And to think VCHA is doing this deliberately is totally reprehensible. But then how are things going to change when I was the only PUBLIC at the open board meeting of VCHA on June 8th 2011 and Kip can't even get Napoleon after ten days to post Kip's email address on VCH's webpage.

For six months I visited Randy every day at VGH before he was sent to GPC without incident (at least I wasn't aware of any incidents) and then when I advocated for Randy not to move to George Pearson Centre I am told that I was not allowed to see Randy and a
no-contact order
which is a very serious order meaning no one was allowed to visit Randy (not even the Pope) was set into place. Kim Sinclair of risk management went so far as to move him and hide him in the vastness of VGH. I should also mention that VGH knew that Randy was scheduled to go to GPC three weeks beforehand. Randy wasn't told and neither was I. No one told me although I have a piece of paper saying that in the event of disability I was to be his guardian which VGH was aware of. But then why would they respect Randy's wishes or mine. VCHA does what it wants when its wants because it can.

What concerns me about the 90% who have no visitors is how easy it would be for them to be told it is time for you to die, sign here. And they would sign. There are no safeguards for these killings. Even without documentation all staff has to say is that a resident/patient refused treatment. And in Randy's case refusing to be suctioned. When you are sick, decisions that could mean death don't even enter your head you only want to get well. Trust our health care system, I think not.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

152 Hours and Still Waiting

Such a simple thing to add an email address but then Skip must be a master of hubris. There is no easy road for us.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The truth from a nurse

On Sunday evening I spoke to Susan Vickers a nurse on leave from the nursing profession. She told me that it takes three months for a resident/patient to become institutionalized i.e. realize that a residential care facility is the best it is going to get and for them to accept the environment. She also said that only ten percent of a resident's support network continue to visit on a regular basis. She described her work as looking after the abandoned. She concurred with management on my banning as I should have only visited Randy never mind trying to be friendly to others. Now I understand the silence I received from GPC management when I said I would like to adult three or four residents so when I visit Randy I can visit them as well. Susan confirmed that the staff doesn't like visitors but will put up with them as they know that after three months there is a 90% chance of a visitor never to return. And in my case it was exactly three months from the time Randy entered George Pearson Centre until my banning. Susan opined that it was okay that GPC gave me hours to visit Randy at times that were inconvenient to me and also that she didn't see the point that Randy was treated in a discriminatory factor in that Randy was being treated differently from other residents as to visiting hours (10am to 10pm)as was posted. She could see no reason why I should stay longer. (Oh how easy it would be when the assisted suicide legislation becomes law to kill the 90% who have been abandoned.) She also said that volunteers are discouraged in residential care facilities as staff doesn't want them to see what is really going on. Only visitors who have blinders on and only focus totally on their family member are allowed. In Open Ward 2 where Randy is there is only one bully allowed 10 to 10; 7 days a week. This bully sucks up to management and has for eight years. He is the one who makes sure visitors do not return. Even residents from other wards are afraid to visit anyone in Ward 2 when the bully is there. The bully discourages visitors and that leaves one less chore for staff to deflect.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

96 Hours and Still Waiting

I understand that there is such a thing as weekends for directors but they don't need it they should devote eight hours a day from their 100 hour work schedules to hurry Napolean Ostrow to post their emails addresses. Patients and residents of long term facilities and caring friends have no weekends, evenings or holidays off. We demand equality.

Yesterday outside of Zellers at Oakridge I spoke to a woman who agreed with the 5-Ds and who said an associate of hers was fired by mary.mary recently. The associate was due for retirement after 29 years but mary.mary fired her anyways. Mary.mary could have waited. But no "hubris" why should she care for someone who has had a twenty-nine year commitment to health care.

At the Board meeting Skip told me he had an open door for whistleblowers. Those are not the ones he should be speaking to; he should be speaking to those who have exited the grasp of mary.mary and napolean ostrow. Skip should phone those who have exited and ask them to tea in a highend restaurant or better yet to his home and candidly talk with them. By quickly acting hubrisism should be eliminated by the end of the year. That should be something the Board should be able to tell their grandchildren as their greatest life accomplishment. Skip should be invited to the Harvard Business School where mary.mary got her education on how he was able to end hubrisim within six months and hope Harvard cancel mary.mary's degree. A model for the world BC's Health Authorities will become.

After the church service I attended I walked up to GPC to leave Randy a small gift (a pair of socks) with security. On my way off the property (on the sidewalk)I inquired from a resident (she said she was from Ward 6) if she had seen the GPC video. She didn't know anything about it. Another resident said he knew of the video but hadn't seen it because there was no need as he lived there. I wonder what psychological brain washing degree holder from risk management has told those that ask about the video that the staff tell them that it is not necessary to see it because they live there. Brilliant strategy. Yes, Virginia, there is a recent video of George Pearson Centre on You Tube which everyone who has or who will have anything to do with residential health care should visit. It is such a simple title that it is impossible to miss except Centre is spelled the old fashioned English way with RE and that is why I wasn't able to discover it until last week.
I am closer in age to 70 than 60 ... remember it is us over 60 that do not have the time to wait for slow change and it is not a prerequisite in our fast moving technological world. I am all for open board meetings being held weekly.


Friday, June 10, 2011

48-hours and waiting

It has been 48 hours and still Kip Woodward's email address is not on the VCH web page site.

I just checked Providence Health and find that Geoff Platt is the Chair.
Being a lawyer and an attorney-general for BC for nine years he must know of the 5Ds. Kip was the Chair of Providence Health for four years. Both of these chairs are therefore acquiescing that senior staff manage in such a fashion.

And I was the only public at the open board meeting of VCH on June 8 2011... Senior management is doing their jobs: D3 divide public from management by D5 demoralize the public so they know that whatever they do is futile. I hope each senior management employee gets a big bonus because his performance has been stellar.

I am closer to 70 in age than 60 and those of us who are closer in age to 80 than 70 and those of us who are closer in age to 90 than 80 and those of us who are closer in age to 100 than 90 have the time and the $resources to rapidly change how our medical services are delivered.

Martin Luther King Jr. said: Our lives begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter. And health care matters.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

VCHA Open Board Meeting June 8 2010

Yesterday I went to the Vancouver Coastal Health Board Meeting. It was one of three open board meetings which are open to the public each year. I think it should have monthly open board meetings as there is so much material and if the board meetings happen more often (same date and time and place each month) more people will come. These board meetings should be set up so that they are educational vehicles for the public to learn, to understand, to participate. And the presenters and the Board members and staff should stand not sit when they talk. Sitting hiding behind microphones so no one except the first row can see you is not what I expected. I would like to see who is talking and they all should have name tags. Whispering to someone (security) next to you "who is speaking" is unsettling. I remember getting up in the Q&A period and starting with ... I am closer in age to 70 than 60 but I still can have a voice (or something like that).

I was able to secure a promise from Kip Woodward, the Chairman of the Board, that on the VCHA web page on the Board Members' page that all the directors' email addresses will be posted bypassing the long hierarchical command of the CEO. He agreed. One victory but then we will have to see how long it takes for it to happen. Napoleon Ostrow (Ostrow looks like Napoleon -- short and stocky)is really in charge as he is the CEO and it will be interesting to see how long since Kip decided this at the Board meeting that this will in deed happen. It is now 30 hours and still no directors' email addresses on the web. D1 is in progress: delay, delay, delay.

Did I mention that I was the only public at the Open Board Meeting although the audience was full of presenters (senior management). Speaking to the converted. It must mean that 1 million people in the Greater Vancouver area is happy with the Health Authority. Happy, happy, happy. This is what I was told by the nursing staff at George Pearson Centre as Randy repeatedly pulls out his trach. I am banned from seeing Randy at his bedside so I do not know how many times he has pulled out his trach or why. But the nurses assured me that when they leave Randy with me for our visits they do not worry about Randy as Randy never pulls out his trach when I visit. One of the nurses also told me that with three visits a week that at least now Randy gets out of his bed three times a week. Does that mean he is confined to his bed when I am not visiting. I asked for a video survilliance but I was told that it was impossible. Why is that in New York State the public interest is paramount to the private interest of employees in nursing homes and cameras are being installed. If I am not allowed to see Randy at his bedside I should at least be able to view him on a webcam.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today, June 7, 2011, is the one year anniversary of Randy's injury. A year to reflect upon with regret.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Caring Friend

I just came across this video. Please view it. It is on You Tube.
BC's Health Authorities on How to Effectively Communicate with the Public

There are five Ds to effective communication: D1 delay; D2 deny; D3 divide (separate patient from family); D4 discredit; D5 demoralize.

This is after I was told by Dr. Moria Stillwell, MLA for Langara Vancouver, this morning at her compliant meet and greet at the Oakridge Senior Centre, that the Health Authorities are their own governments removed from the jurisdiction of the BC government. I suspect the culprits are the slippery non-profit societies which are taking over everything. We don't have centralized government answerable to the public any more we just have societies (decentralized governments)that can do what they want when they want because they can.

Since the Health Authorities are beyond the reach of the legislature, I hope that those of you who read this and have a video camera will record the You Tube video (i.e. take a video of the video) before the Health Authorities force Paul to take it off the internet.

The couple who promised the flat screen TV never delivered it. So I had to buy Randy a new one. Although it was greatly reduced from its original price, it took a big bite out of my pension monies. I am down to $55.00 for the month and I still have to pay my hydro.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Caring Friend

I went to see Randy yesterday. It was a beautiful day. (Rain is now forecasted for the next two weeks.) I asked if I could take Randy out into the patio area (the garden area where we were on Tuesday). I was told no by Tanu. I do not understand what is going on. Randy has me, he has a security guard, and the patio area is isolated so I can't talk/terrorize anyone there. So we had to sit in a hot hot hot room for three hours. The BC Government is paying George Pearson Centre $12,000 a month for his care and comfort. I am not a doctor so I do not know about the care but I know the comfort is being denied him. He doesn't have a fan at his bed which I was told GPC is suppose to provide or a television so he can at least watch television during the long weekends and evenings when staffing levels are low and he has no visitors (not even me who lives nearby as I have been banned durng these times) no activities, no nothing.

The television is going to be a bone of contention with me for a very very long time as no staff told me that Randy had no television. I was told by a casual acquaintance like "did you know Randy didn't have a tv any more." A television under the Health Act is not considered part of care unless you are a drug addict at St Pauls (no other hospital in BC has free tv for patients) then you have your own personal paid for television.

Someone like Randy who has a brain injury has no stimulation. He only has hours and hours of nothing so he can scheme on how and when to pull out his trach. On Saturday I was on the street asking for donations for Randy. A couple stopped and said they had a flat screen tv which they never use. A flat screen is necessary so that it isn't as heavy as the old loaner tv Randy had that fell down injuring a nurse on its way to the floor because of its weight. The screens are bolted to the ceilings. I gave them the address of GPC. I hope they deliver the tv to GPC and also visit Randy.

Yesterday Randy had a new Olympic t-shirt on, (I found a place that sells the surplus Olympic tees 3 for $10.00 but I could only afford one which I bought him the day before), a baseball cap, pj bottoms. He had no shoes on, no sherpa lined slippers, no socks. Although it was very hot and his hands and body were warm his feet were very cold and very blue. I have been taking an extra pair of socks each time I go so I can put socks on him and massage his feet until they warm up. He spent time trying to write his name on a white board and navigating his wheel chair. It was very hot so both of us didn't feel like doing much. We rested in the heat.

The doggies were tied up on long leashes in the shade on the patio area and hardly moved for the three hours because of the heat.

What is GPC doing. Are they being cruel just because they can. There is no other noun to use except cruel and I dare GPC to explain otherwise.

If there are vulnerable residents in GPC (there are no old people there)that are afraid of me then I would like to know who they are and who decides they are vulnerable and more importantly who told them to be afraid of me. I am an old lady that takes in rescued dogs. I am not going to hurt anyone. The harshest thing I have every done to the doggies is say QUIET in a stern voice. At best I would rescue a few GPC residents that were unhappy by talking to them and inviting them to become friendly with Randy's doggies. At least then they would have something like a family to look forward to when I visit Randy. The big dog is called Missey and the little dog is called Owen. Both doggies are very friendly and affectionate. But that is never going to happen because of Charge Nurse Tanu's rule: I am not to talk to anyone unless they talk to me first. And some of the residents can't even talk...

Again GPC is not a hospital it is a residential care facility i.e. homes where residents live as free Canadian citizens. These residents have their own voices; GPC should not be speaking for them. None of them are immediately palliative.

What made my day on Friday was a sign posted by GPC in the piano room boldly stating that any furniture is not to be moved and on the bottom of the post printed in ink were the words
This is your home so move the furniture if you want

finally, the start of a revolution by the residents within George Pearson Centre. The piano room is a common room so if a resident wants to move furniture around let them. And if the next resident wants to do so let them. I remember my mom would be constantly rearranging furniture. It made life a bit more interesting and it is free.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Caring Friend

There has been much confusion as to my connection to Randy. So I decided what I am is a caring friend, nothing more complicated. A caring friend could be a relative or a spouse but not necessarily.

Randy was in good form today but his feet were cold so I took off my socks and put them on him. When I was allowed to do his laundry I always made sure Randy had adequate socks and t-shirts and pj bottoms. I also worry about his plants and flowers I send him on the days I am not allowed to see him. The plants need to be water sprayed and the flowers have to have its water changed daily. And now he doesn't have a television as it fell down from its ceiling brackets unto the floor last week. It was an old television that did not have a remote that was left by another resident who had no further use for it as he was dead. Randy had to rely on me or staff (?) to make sure he had it on and a channel he wanted to watch. I will look for a small flat screen tv with a remote over the weekend and hopefully the tech people can have it installed soon. Nothing gets done quickly at GPC; it will probably take a month before Randy has a television again. I worry about Randy if he doesn't have any distractions the isolation will cause him to lash out. The nurses will have to restrain him which will just anger him more. Randy can read but he can't hold a newspaper or use his fingers to flip papers. So he can't even read a book; he is just wasted.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Like everyday there is something to do but nothing seems to be accomplished.

I am hoping this week to renew my interest in the proposed new BC Society Act which is suppose to come into effect 2012. It is an Act that has already been lobbied and written by the law profession. From my reading of it it makes Societies more secretive than they are now. The BC Government wants noting to do with the governance of a society except to register it. The number of directors can be only one. So who will be watching the store. If you look at the governance of Broadmead Care Society in Saanich you can speculate how badly it is managed. Any non-profit that has 400 employees (250 parttime) and only 10 employees who earn more than $40,000 a year has to be red flagged. I wonder who earns the $150,000 salary.

Also I blame the directors of Broadmead Care Society as each and everyone of them should have interviewed Kathleen three years ago and even the day before her death and maybe this injustice would not have happened to Kathleen to determine to their satisfaction if Kathleen was of sound mind. It is only commonsense that spells out that a home setting is better than an institution. The law is based on what a "reasonable man" would assume. They could have used moral suasion if they felt the sons were being unreasonable and even if the doctor and staff at Broadmead just made a bad assessment because of money and time constraints. Being a director does not mean that you hide and just wait to be reelected to your prestigeous position in the community. Each one of them should be ashamed of their behavior. They have a fiduciary duty not only to Kathleen, the Care Society, but also to the public. And to make it worse Broadmead primarily is a veterans residential care facility.

Although I haven't heard anything further re Lois Samspon about her mother and nothing has been advertised as to when her mother's funeral or memorial service will happen, it is wrong that the next-of-kin can decide whatever he wants to do with Kathleen's body. After death a tribute is only respectful and necessary. Whatever Ralphie is doing is morally wrong.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is Too Late for Kathleen

I just recently started following Kathleen's detainment at Broadmead Manor in Saanich/Victoria BC. The decision ending a three year court case to determine whether or not Kathleen could live with her daughter, Lois Sampson, was delivered on Tuesday May 3 2011. The Judgment said no. The next day Wednesday May 4 2011 Kathleen died at Broadmead.

There is an old proverb
In a thousand pounds of law there is not an ounce of love.

Kathleen's wanting to live with her daughter has been written up in a series of articles in CTWatchdog is an American publication. So all of you who subscribe to the postmedia Canadian empire, please unscribe to it.

Even in the CTWatchdog blog it isn't easy to find the reference to Kathleen Palamarek. However if you use its search function upper right corner and type in granny snatching , you will find the various posts written about her.

I have been trying to find out when the funeral/service will be held as I would like to attend it. I was just advised by McCall Bros Funeral Directors Ltd. who own all the funeral homes in Victoria/Saanich that it has no record of her death. I was also advised that the family does not have to tell anyone. I have never heard of such a thing.

In the area governed by Vancouver Coastal Health there are signs posted all over stating that patients/residents can change their mind so this policy should be the same for Island Coastal Health.

Let Kathleen live with her daughter, live at Broadmead, live on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, wherever and whenever she wants and she should be allowed to change her mind whenever she wants.

As to her mental capacity all you have to do is see the video which is embedded in the third paragraph of Ron Winter's last post which video was taken two weeks before she died. Judge the video, be angry, stay angry. God, help us.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Case of Stupidity by B.C. Health Authority

... Soon thereafter Broadmead’s lawyer, Harold Rusk of the Victoria, B.C. law firm JONES EMERY HARGREAVES SWAN, sent a letter (mid-April 2011) by courier to Lois Sampson alleging that she is a danger to others and that Broadmead Lodge would be severely restricting her visitation to her mother.

Exactly the same rational Vancouver Coastal Health Authority used against me for constructively banning me from George Pearson Centre. So I am not the only one. But I am allowed three hours each on Monday, Tuesday and Friday which are very inconvenient for me. And, we have our own personal security guards to oversee who I might speak to. So where is the BCCLA and the BCCPD? The BCCLA wants a law to kill old people and the BCCPD is funded by Vancouver Coastal Health.

In my case Randy has asked that I be allowed to visit at the regular scheduled visiting hours being seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. He knows that I am not a threat to anyone. Randy is of sound mind and I believed he had control over what he wants. George Pearson Centre is a residential care facility, residential means it is Randy's home and he has the right to see who he wants when he wants and "visitors" have the right to visit if they believe there is an implied invitation to do so.

Please refer to

BCCLA = BC Civil Liberties Association
BCCPD = BC Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Randy Greets the Sun

It has been eleven months and today at 3:00 p.m. while visiting Randy, Randy and I were asked to join the Garden Club at George Pearson Centre. This was the first time in eleven months that the sun was able to warm Randy's skin. The Garden Club meets outside during the summer on Tuesdays from 2:00 to 4:00. Although doing this was mentioned weeks before and I had purchased the seeds for a garden plot, I did not believe that it would materialize. The recreation staff included Randy in the process and Randy enjoyed the attention. I didn't say much. The sun was out, the grass was green, the people were friendly, it was idyllic. When the staff mentioned that it was approaching 4:00 p.m. Randy did not want to leave. His quality of life had been enriched...

addendum: there were a number of residents from Ward 2 (Randy's ward) and none of them appeared to be uncomfortable with me being there.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Visit with Randy

I visited Randy this afternoon under security again. I still can't believe how stupid this is but then who am I to question Vancouver Coastal Health.

For the most part Randy was very sad. It has been eleven months since his accident and he hasn't even been outside once except for the transport from VGH to GPC. I am so proud of him for still being alive.

His nurse left Randy with me and ran out of the room. Liz wasn't going to allow me to ask her one question. No staff came by: no Marion, no Sam the social worker, nor the respiratory therapist or the speech therapist. No one. I am suppose to be getting training on how to suction Randy so that I can take him out of the building outside to the gardens. The nursing staff is not allowed to take patients out on outings. So if an immobile patient doesn't have a visitor he never sees the sun.

I was given written instructions from the speech therapist on how to assist Randy in learning how to speak with a voice enhancer. Randy has had a voice enhancer for the past two weeks and he tries very hard to talk. Today, no voice enhancer and Randy did try to talk to me but I could not understand what he was trying to say. He got very frustrated. The cruelty of GPC only gets worse with each day.

I bribed Randy with a $5.00 bill to use his wheel chair. He coveted the $5.00 as he hide it under his lap blanket. I also showed him a photocopy of my blog of yesterday and he seemed pleased. I told him he was helping all the other people who have been treated badly by the system. He understands that I have no money for lawyers so the blog is the only thing we can do. I apologized to him for not blogging everything but then for the past months I have been so emotionally upset I didn't have the energy and there was a fear that it would make matters worse.

I showed him pictures of what I was doing this weekend and I asked him to take a picture of me. It took a long time for him to coordinate his fingers so that he could push so the flash would work.

I told Randy that I had seen a touch cell phone which he might be able to use and he was very keen on that.

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