Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Bad Day

The only thing that was agreeable today was the weather. I was worried about Randy because I had only seen him for three hours this past week. I decided to go to GPC and leave Randy a short letter and a pair of fleece pj bottoms. I phoned when I got there and no one answered the phone so I left a message for someone to come and get Randy's stuff. I waited outside. About twenty minutes later I asked a passing visitor if she would go into Ward 2 and read the letter to Randy and leave the fleece pj bottom. She came back and said that Randy was looking forward to going to my place on Monday. As I was readying myself to leave, a security guard told me to leave or else he would call the police as I wasn't allowed on the property on weekends. Not true. I am just not allowed into Ward 2. I haven't pushed the issue of my admission to Ward 2 as if there is someone there who is afraid of me I do not want to cause him or her additional fear. That isn't the whole truth though. I was told by Linda Rose that my banning was forever. Since no evidence has been given to me as to what I did I am at a loss as to why she would say tht. I asked the young security if he had viewed the You Tube video George Pearson Centre yet. Every time I see him I ask him and every time he says No. He should be aware of this most important video which was paid for by VCH. Also it is a requirement by Paladin that its security guards become integrated into GPC and its culture (see its webpage) and so they are aware of the dynamics of where they work. I then told him to call the police. I don't like being threatened when there is no reason. A few minutes later I left and when I was walking up Cambie Street sure enough two police cars came racing towards 57th and turned right. I shook my head. This is the same young security guard who tried on a previous occasion to throw me out of the GPC building when I was visiting residents not Randy and I secured bruising: all the colours of the rainbow. I showed the bruising as they changed colour to witnesses but I didn't do anything about the incident as the young security guard was only doing his job albeit with bad information and that was when I started whenever I saw him ask him did he view the You Tube Video: George Pearson Centre. Another time he also called the police on me and accused me of kidnapping Randy. I had taken Randy off site to a coffee bar across the street from GPC and I was returning him. I didn't know what to do as my instinct was to protect Randy against this unreasonable authority figure so I asked for the RN to come out and talk to me. That took about 1/2 hour in the cold and in the mean time the police showed up. These incidents are so stupid they are true. I can't make them up.

My flashback memory came back and I remember a time I was in GPC and this young security guard was motioning that the bully from Ward 2 to hide from my view. The bully from Ward 2 weighs 200 pounds and he doesn't need a 23-year old security guard to protect him. I remember shaking my head and forgot the incident. Today I looked in the parking lot and sure enough the vehicle that the bully uses was there. It is a new red Chevrolet four door cabin 4-wheel drive truck. Of course, the bully and the young security guard are colluding i.e. the bully is manipulating the security guard. It always interests me when bullies bully. I wonder if he is even paying for his wife's care. Working for a small company that he owns offers him the opportunity to pay himself a small salary so he can claim he doesn't have enough income to pay for her care while retaining profits in his company. He even cooks his meals in Ward 2 (which are against the rules see George Pearsson Centre Resident and Family Handbook). I was told that his Silverado cost $62,000. You should see the inside of it. Everything is showroom perfect. All the bullies I have knowm are perfectionists. Should I be surprised.

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