Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday February 25 2012

I went to take Randy off site for a few hours. GPC is so boring on the weekends. I phoned at 11:50am and had to wait until noon before the nurseC quickly dropped him off in the piano room and ran. After checking the suction machine all the tubings were missing and I had to telephone from the hall and ask for a replacement. That took until 12:15 pm.(MA) who dropped off a replacement and also ran off without a comment. There was no one in the hallways not even security.

It is 1:07pm and Randy is feeding treats to the doggies. They love Randy. It is a feat to get Randy into my basement suite as it is small and I have renamed it the doggie house as the doggies seem to have control of it (except for the kitchen of course). Everytime I come home I am not sure what they had chewed up. They like rolls and rolls of toilet paper.

I am going to take Randy over to Oakridge and look at Ipads. He may be able to touch the screen as he can't type. He needs mental stimulation which he doesn't get at GPC unless the staff phones the police to have me removed. I am sure he will be able to handle the touch screen. I have to find out how to get the ipad insured as GPC has a serious thieving problem. Anything that can be sold for a $20.00 rock gets stolen.

After testing out the ipads we then went to the Oakridge Senior Centre and the president was there and he greeted Randy with a handshake. Civility. You do not see that at George Pearson. From day one residents as well as visitors at GPC are made to feel they are a burden. The first time I spoke to Tanu at GPC she told me that I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone unless someone spoke to me first. Like where did this come from. From some penal institution or a nunnery. Also read Paul Caine's webpage and go to blog. He gives good examples of the dysfunctionality of GPC.

At 1:15 p.m. it was necesssary to give Randy seven suctions; the secretions were heavy. I wonder if staff give him suctions which they are suppose to before I pick him up. About 3:00 p.m. I had to suction him again twice.

I returned Randy to nurseC in good form and spirit to GPC at 6:15 p.m. And she grabbed Randy and ran off as well.

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