Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still the Same

Since Feburary 5 2012 nothing has changed. I am suffering from total exhaustion. All I can do is it seems is to go and see Randy for a few hours then come home to rest. At least he is eating but then for how long.

Yesterday we went on an outing which he has power over. He pointed his finger in a direction and I pushed his wheelchair. We ended up at Oakridge mall where we went shopping for doggie food. He picked out the food by grabbing it and the treats would fall to the floor which I picked up. He even paid the cashier with the $20 bill I gave him and then he hide the $5.00 change (paper bill) under his shirt. He will need an incredible amount of rehab before he is better.

This afternoon we went to Oakridge again. The improvement in him observing the world was inspiring. A 180 degree change from his behavior at George Pearson Center. I have to get him out of there more often.

There is very little stimulation at GPC. Its purpose is only to keep its residents alive It is boring, confining and depressing. You lay in bed seeing it as your coffin.

If you are in a good mood it will take only sixty seconds before someone stalks you or says something that will annoy you. The cancer that is in GPC will only grow. This will happen because of the 80% who know or refuse to know what is going on, which allows the 20% to cause chaos. Bullying. If staff worked in the real world and they showed disrespect to a customer, they would be fired. However in VCH it is the other way around.

I purchased two baseball hats for Randy from the Bay and he carefully chose them, wore one and the other one he carefully put it in his small mexican burlap bag which hangs on his wheelchair. He was just into everything that was happening. He even took a chocolate from Purdy's which I paid for. His face looked intelligent, mischieveous and he was self-assured. He was Randy again. After two years he is back. I hope he will be back tomorrow as well. (this paragraph posted at 9:00 pm Sunday).


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