Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday February 26 2012 PM

I was so excited this morning when I phoned Ward 2 and NurseC said that Randy was up and ready wanting to see me. Because of my unrealistic visiting restrictions I couldn't go until noon. I was there at noon and when I saw Randy he looked very fragile. When he looks like that I am afraid that it might be the last time I will see him.

I am questioning the care Randy is getting. Again when I tried to suction Randy at 1:20 the tubing was not included with the suctioning machine. Because I am restricted I had to wait until 2:00 p.m. before a nurse gave me a replacement. What would have happened if I was off site. I had a hard time inserting the tube into Randy's trach as the mucus was so thick. The tube won't go down easily. It could get thick like cement and Randy would be no more. For a moment I panicked but Randy assured me he was okay.

We then went to Joy Fellowship. The only organization that is allowed into George Pearson that has genuine concern for its residents. Real love and compassion. I couldn't stop -- I cried and cried and cried.

At 3:00 o'clock Randy wanted to go home so here we are. Doing nothing, giving the doggies treats and listening to the radio. CKWX 11:30 And we got to listen to Napolean Ostrow talk about the changes that is going to be made at George Pearson and staff changes have been made. Well, maybe we who are intimately involved with GPC should know what he has done. Then on the other hand, there probably are no changes just something for him to say to the media. Who would follow up on it anyways.

I returned Randy to GPC at 6:00 p.m. When I left he had his television on but when I viewed his room from the parking lot, his room was dark and no tv was on. I went back and asked security to find out why the television was turned off. She checked on Randy and came back and said she did not know but she put it on for him. Letting a patient who is immobile and can't talk sit in the dark in his wheel chair is mean. Who did it.

And then to make things worse Mr. Moon starts swearing at me using vulgar loud language in front of Randy for what reason I do not know. It upset Randy, he had tears in his eyes. And then there was Ryan an angry youngman. If these adults residents/patients cannot be civil then they shouldn't be living at George Pearson Center.

I wanted to check in with Randy's nurse and I left word on the answering machine for her to call me. I called her at 7:00 p.m. I will wait and see if she calls back. It is 10:10 pm and no one has returned my call. What is one to do. Trust the system. I think not.

The above is a typical day I have to face. GPC is not helpful, friendly or happy.

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