Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Week

The woman neighbour of mine who doesn't like to look at wheelchair bound people spent last weekend painting the new cement steps (blockage) red.  I get to admire her paint job each day.  She like GPC is putting me in my place.  To bully, to bully, to bully.  All you have to do is to end being bullied is to become part of their mob and then find another target for group cohesion. It seems to be a well-known fact within the medical community that the nurses eat their own (i.e. rule by bullying) and that is why we have a nursing shortage.  It only takes a short time after a new novice realizes this and she quickly exits leaving the nursing profession to those that bully rather than care.

And as for George Pearson Centre, the gentleman  (Bob Chapman) who signed my banning letter in February 2011 is going on holidays for three weeks.  Although he is entitled to holidays I do not know how he can afford to take the time away from Vancouver Coastal Health as as he is the

Director of Client Relations;
Director of Risk Management;
Director of Patient Care Quality;
Acting Director of At Home Support;
Acting Director of Complex Care.

There is no law that says he can't forfeit his holidays for the greater good like the 1,000,000 people he should be answering to.

Watch what will happen.  A new VCH policy will be put in place saying that management will no long tell anyone that they are going on holidays as it would destablize the public's faith in what is going on by their extensive leaves. When they are on holidays the public will just be told that the person is not available.

I was absolutely amazed on Friday.  I had Randy with me at my place.  When it is hot I make sure that he is always in a cool place away from the sun and now that I cannot have access to the shade which my neighbour has blocked with her red cement blocks, Randy was inside.  He was acting very combatively.  He kept pointing randomly around my one-room residence.  I was beginning to think he had no more brain cells.  I finally gave him a pointer so he could point better than with his hand.  He kept pointing everywhere.  He was manic.  He was pointing at the floor area.  Then I realized what he wanted.  He wanted me to unclutter my living space.  Do you want me to cleanup my apartment, I asked, and he nodded yes.  It is rather hard to unclutter a 450 square foot apartment that is the home to two doggies who like to play/distribute all my things.  It would be a lot easier if the agent for the property would force the lady with the red steps to give up some of her storage space as she has a crawl space, two storage lockers, a extra small room that used to be for caretakers equipment, and a garage for her new black convertible (MB) but that will never happen.  The lady with the red steps lives in a two bedroom duplex by herself and I stress by herself.  And she isn't even a pack rat, she is very very neat and orderly to the point of it from my observation being an obsession.  What she claims is hers is hers. No sharing allowed.  Same rational as the head nurse from George Person Centre. I am engulfed by these mindsets.

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