Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Victorious for Five

I felt victorious for all of five minutes today.  I went to see Randy and the curtains shielding Amy from human contact were open.  I could not believe it.  After all these years finally these dangerous curtains which provided a blind spot so Randy could not be seen by the nursing staff were open.  My victorious feeling only lasted a few minutes as I asked where was Amy and was told that she was at VGH and would be back and the curtains were only opened because housekeeping had just cleaned her space.

Randy is in a high risk open ward but he is mostly hidden behind curtains.  He has an ABI and he can't or won't use a call bell provided it is even given to him, he can't call out for help as he can't talk, he has a trach, and since the residents at GPC will  never to be productive members of society, care is cosmetic.

If you are of the 80% of the population that are currently in good health and have a future, you will be looked after by our health care system..  If you part of the 20% who are marginalized (i.e. not in good health and no quality of life), your care will be less than optimal.


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