Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 October 2013 Again

I noticed since Monday GPC gave me the same portable suction machine and on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.  It is suppose to be cleaned at the end of each day.  I suspect they are short handed because I heard that the $100,000 highly trained nurses are calling in sick because they are so traumatized over them beating me. Or maybe it is a signal to management that they oppose what they are doing to Randy and I. I hope this is the case.

Anyways I did see Randy in the piano room closet Wednesday and he still wanted to go home with me.

I was disappointed not even angry as I suspected that neither Dr. Dunne nor Dr. Haye would come and talk with me.  I also asked the RT to come and see me so I can discuss Randy's suctioning with her and she did not attend as well.  Tanu attended as she explained that Randy did not need a blood thinner as he was active.  He is no more active than when he was at VGH and they instilled the fear in me that a blood thinner was necessary. I sent a email to both Dunne and Haye for them to tell me how sick Randy is.  I want written reports and I want xrays.

And above all I asked a RN from Ward 2 if the RN was afraid of me.  No, I was told.  Last time I was banned it took me over a year to ask the residents and the staff and visitors if any of them were afraid of me and the answer was always no.  In fact they didn't even know I was banned.  Other people areoften banned or threatening with banning all the time even the residents/patients so they can't visit other residents, so it is a common occurrence but no one talks about it.Visitors are the curse of the nursing profession.

If Randy is so sick that there are doctor orders saying that Randy not be moved from GPC then I should not be told I cannot see Randy.  In fact in Randy's directive to GPC in January 2013 it was written and witnessed by a lawyer that this be done.  So now GPC is saying Randy has no voice in his care.

This afternoon Thursday October 31 2013  after leaving GPC because staff said Randy couldn't get out of bed because he was sick and I couldn't go to his bedside although Randy requested it.  Via a friend he said he didn't want to get out of bed but he did say he wanted me to be at his bedside. Alternatively, he wanted his bed transported to the music room so that we could be together.  GPC refused. On October 30 Randy is not imprisoned but on October 31 he is imprisoned again.

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