Friday, October 18, 2013

Cutherbertson v Rasouli

EPC applauds the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada (18 October 2013) Cutherbertson V Rasouli.
who upheld the unanimous decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal requiring that doctors obtain consent from
patients or substitute decision-makers before withdrawing life-sustaining treatment where such a decision is anticipated to result in the death of the patient.

The doctors argued withdrawing life-sustaining measures did not require consent from Rasouli’s wife, his surrogate decision-maker, because discontinuing care did not constitute “treatment” as set out under Ontario’s law. For the same reason, the doctors said, they did not require permission from the province’s Consent and Capacity Board to end care.

Mrs. Rasouli is pennyless like all of us who are at odds with the medical community.  Please send money to her lawyer to help her. She has made legal history with no financial support from us the citizens of Canada.  Why is it that she has to live in poverty so that the rest of us can benefit.

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