Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Picketing at George Pearson Centre October 23 1013

I arrived at 1:00 pm at George Pearson Centre and I picketed until 4:30 pm.  RANDY WALKER IS BEING HELD AGAINST HIS WILL AT GEORGE PEARSON CENTRE.  I was waiting for the police to arrive to go into GPC and ask Randy if he wanted to leave.  They didn't come so I will have to phone them again tomorrow.  I anticipate this episode of my life will take at least three months.  It has to be done.

As I was picketing no one would glance at me at they entered or exited George Pearson.I was quite visible with my two picket signs.  However, I did attract a lot of vehicular traffic as I could see the drivers pause and read the sign and the high school kids reading them as they walked pass me after school. 

It was a beautiful day as I reflected upon what happened on Monday.  I was set up by Tanu, as always.  I sent her an email on the weekend telling her that I was going to take Randy home as he was terribly depressed.  So she made sure to insist that her staff prevent me from taking Randy off site.  She knew if I was challenged I would fight back like a mother bear.  I keep remembering what she said the first time I met her in person.  That I was only to speak if I was spoken to and she could arrange that I never see Randy again.  And she is accomplishing it.  The next thing will be the intervention of the public guardian and trustee saying that I should not be Randy's friend or substitute decision maker and George Pearson would make all of Randy's decisions. The fact that Randy is competent is just a minor technicality which could be swiftly changed by any doctor based on the assessment of a nurse or a social worker. Believe it, it is true.

Randy hasn't been allowed to be in his wheelchair for the past few days as I suspect Tanu is afraid that I will kidnap him.  The police on Monday already attempted to charge me with attempted kidnapping as they handcuffed me.  If Randy does not sit in his wheelchair for a few hours a day he won't be able to breathe with ease and will deteriorate as he is now doing due to rationing of medical treatment.  This January 2013 Randy and I was at the centre's eye I was suspecting Randy wasn't seeing very well.  The doctor told me that two years ago Randy was diagnosed with cataracts but it was decided not to do anything because of his age (55).  He can't talk because he is on a trach and wasn't given swallowing exercises to ensure that he would never talk and now they want him to be blind as well.  So soon Randy will have no quality of life especially now that I am banned and he will want to commit suicide which GPC will accommodate by withdrawing life support and they would even help with some morphine so it will be relatively painless it they got the dosage right..  Morphine slows your breathing so that you eventually stop breathing.  It is never recorded as a suicide but rather a respiratory arrest and no one would ever know the difference: a natural death.

One of the ringleaders on Monday was Stephanie.  A RN who on the weekend I watched as she suctioned Randy.  She did not use a sterile technique which is what VGH does.  She did not use a sterile glove and she compounded the danger when she wiped the suction catheter with a non-sterile piece of gauze and then she suctioned Randy again.  She suctioned him more than ten seconds which could cause brain damage and will cause brain damage over a period of time if exceeded as the airway will be depleted of oxygen.  After she finished suctioning Randy I asked Randy if he still needed a suction and he said yes.  Secretions left in the trach (wind pipe) could cause Randy to aspirate, that is, drown in his own secretions. Of course the secretions are also a breeding ground for infections i.e. pneumonia which is reoccurring for Randy.  There is a saying that a little knowledge is dangerous and I must therefore be dangerous to these health care professionals who do not know how to properly suction a patient. But then patients like Randy are not meant to live long.

My restrictions as outlined by Richard Singleton in his letter on Tuesday says that I can contact Randy by phone between 11:00 am to noon and from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The problem with that is Randy cannot talk so how can we contact. I am sure he got this insight from Eveline as she told me that Raandy can breathe heavy so I would know that he heard me.. This from Richard Singleton a man with two degrees and a title Director of Risk Management.

Years ago I installed a TELUS land line telephone for Randy.  And what has Tanu done, she has instructed her staff to take the phone off its cradle so Randy cannot hear whether or not I am calling him.  Even that simple pleasure is taken away from him.  Make sure all communication is cut off so the patient feels abandoned.  Of course I can't talk to Randy on the telephone but he knows that I am thinking of him when he hears it ring.  The anger I have for GPC is totally justified.

Just to inform the readers GPC is not understaffed, On Monday there were three nurses for each patient on Ward 2..

I had no intention of taking Randy home. I do not have the medical equipment, the medical experience, or the medical supplies to look after him. However, I had every intention of taking him back to VGH which I told the police on Monday and Tuesday.  I told the doctors at VGH that if Randy was not safe at GPC that I would return him to VGH. 

There is a legal document that says I am to have 24-7 access to Randy and it sits in his medical binder. I have a fiduciary responsibility conveyed by legislation that my duty is to Randy and no where does it say that health professionals can override. I told the police on Monday of the document and even with that they refused to do a simple act like ask Randy if he wanted to leave GPC with me.. From 2010 VCH knew of my covenant but they refused to honour it. Mostly I failed in my fiduciary duty to Randy as I haven't fought hard enough to make sure his rights were guaranteed and he was safe. And Randy cannot be reasonably safe if I cannot have access to him. At anytime Randy can refuse treatment/imprisonment even if it is for only a short period of time and he has a right to be involved in any treatment decision.. He is competent and the health authorities cannot override that arbitrarily.

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