Monday, February 17, 2014

Disgusting Behavior by GPC

February 19 2014 at 1:14 I just got a phone call from a visitor to Randy who said Randy was crying; he wanted to see me.  Does Randy's psychological health mean anything.  He can't talk and he has limited mobility so the only thing he can do is to cry when he wants something.  

The few friends I asked to go and visit have all been restricted to only ten minute visits with a security guard on top of them.  Why. This has never happened to any other visitor/resident at GPC.  Randy would called me stupid because I could never see the obvious.  Obviously, the reason for the security guards is because visitors are not allowed to interact (talk) to anyone.


Randy did not consent to the
Do Not Resusciate Order 
15 November 2013
By stealth VCH doctors  put it on his chart
as he gets pneumonia often
that is costly to treat
Randy gets critical and I am called
18 November 2013 @ 11:20 pm
I was told Randy is dying
He was actively dying when I arrived
Wife calls 911 to the dismay of staff
Wife said the DNR was in error
Chaos erupts at GPC
Randy recovers
Wife 100% banned from all VCH properties

Randy alive, 20 February 2014

Randy is still fragile and dying
And I should accept it
This I was told by Ro
The banning is beyond cruelty
each time he hears my name, he cries
VCH actions are inexcusable and cruel
no matter the kindergarten justification
The banning must be lifted before he dies

Phone VCH 604-730-7654 (Richard Singleton)
Phone Kip Woodward (Chairman of VCH)
Phone your MLA or
604-660-1297 or 250-387-3655
Phone your media
Phone your friends
The only way this is going to change is by citizens
screaming that this is wrong
and by firing the bums
5976 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC     V5Z 3A9


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