Saturday, July 5, 2014

I am so sorry, Randy.

I am so so very sorry Randy that I did not fight hard enough to keep you safe.  How could they do this to us in our counrty at the hands of our most educated physicians in the world. Every single time you were at VCH or St. Pauls I begged them not to send you back to GPC as it was not safe, and they did it anyways.They won't even investigate  GPC was not his home; it was purgatory from where there was no escape. How could they have allowed this to happen. He was suppose to have gone to GF Strong but at the last minutes they decided that he was never going to be a productive member of society so he was sent to GPC. Them deferring to a head nurse.  This is what this terrible terrible injustice came down to Tanu and her control freak management.  She even scared staff so that they would report things the way they knew that Tanu wanted.. She even scared off visitors that came to see Randy..  And management also would collude and back her up as well.  Her bullying forced every manager of GPC to quit but like all successful bullies she is still there dictating that she was able to ban me one hundred percent from GPC from my Randy in life as well as death and she can continue and no one can stop her..I am still angry over the fact that I was not notified of Randy's memorial service at GPC.  I wonder who went,  You would never think that a health facility would treat people like they do but they do. 

I am sorry Randy.  I am so sorry.

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