Thursday, July 10, 2014

The House of God

I just finished reading the classic novel of life and death in a American Hospital: The House of God, by Dr. Samuel Shem.  With over two million copies sold, The House of God, has been said to be the most important medical novels of the twentieth century. It was published in 1978.

It was written before DNRs and when doctors did everything to keep patients alive.  The most important reason for reading the book was I was looking for swear words used 40 years ago and they were all there.  These words are still being used now so they are not swear words; they are part of our everyday language.

The mindset of Vancouver Coastal Health is still in the 1950s.  All one has to do is go to an emergency room at VGH and listen to what patients and doctors are speaking.  So called swear words are used in everyday speak; they are nothing more than an expression in shorthand of fears/feelings/conclusions of patients.

SLURPERS: Doctors striving to lick their way up the academic medical cone towards the top.  (from House of God).  The reason why health professionals refuse to say anything negative publicly about their colleagues.

On Sunday July 13 2014 will be Randy's third month since he died at VGH.  I gave him a green burial.  It was a perfect funeral with good memories.  I laid bunches of carnations on his grave.  Carnations have a long life span (three weeks).  When I get some extra money, I will purchase the space next to him.  It is wonderful and peaceful under the trees among nature.    .

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