Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22 2014

I checked with the court registry this afternoon to see if the two missing affidavits had appeared.  No.

I do not know what was in the affidavits that was so important.  Maybe it had something to do with not telling the truth.

In any event, I came across an email of one of the supposed "offending emails" I sent to Dr. James Dunne with cc to Dr. John Fleetham. One of the emails that caused Dr. Fleetham to abandon Randy as he could not provide Randy with objective care and one over which Dr. Dunne threatened to resign.

I did not receive a reply to this email.It took Dunne and Fleetham ten months to make mention of it or the one dated May 16, 2013.

Audrey Laferriere


to james.dunne, john.fleetham, frank.ryan
Further to my email to you dated May 16, 2013, to which you have not
replied to.  Please do.  

I also want to know why you are refusing to give Randy an oxygen tank
 for use when he is off site.  Someone telling me that he doesn't fit the 
criteria for home funding does not ring true or Ro telling me that an 
oxygen tank might explode the likelihood so remote that such a statement
is rendered ridiculous. Note:  I was given a second opinion saying that if Randy
was off site and was having difficulty the only thing that would save him would
be oxygen. I offered to pay for the oxygen.

Just like Randy cannot have a passey muir valve so he can speak
because there is no funding to monitor him.  I read the passey muir
web site and it says a passey muir valve helps swallowing so how can
you say that he can't swallow therefore he can't have a passey muir
valve. Randy can swallow, how else can he be rid of his mouth saliva.
I do not believe that you or you staff understands fully what a passey muir

Your rationalization that suctioning only be as needed is based
when a patient is in intensive care and there is one-to-one nursing
and not in a ward with closed curtains and one nurse overseeing ten
patients as she walks down the middle of the ward each fifteen
minutes (????).
NOTE: At times you can't even find a nurse on the ward.
They have no schedule they just walk by whenever whenever that is.

Even telling me that Randy can't have the curtains open in
the ward puts him at risk as staff cannot see him.  

I want Randy safe and it seems that you are doing everything possible
to make sure he is not safe.


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