Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Supreme Court Registry August 5, 2014

I went to check the input computer file at the registry and there were six affidvits filed ; four were in the file and two were missing.  Dr. Dunne's affidavit of March 17 was missing as well as Louise's dated April 2 was missing.  Affidavits are evidence.  And evidence filed in court isn't suppose to go missing.

I suspect that Clark Wilson decided to throw Tanu Batlawala under the bus as her Affidavit was still in the file.   I hope she has proof of everything she said in her affidavit but then maybe she doesn't have to as she never wrote the affidavit.  It was written by Monica Muller, VCH's in-house solicitor, and Tanu just signed it.

I tried to send an email to Jennifer on August 3, 2014.  The reply was as follows (which I cut and pasted from my email).

Aug 3 (3 days ago)

Due to unforeseen cirumstances, I will be out of the office immediately until the end of summer.
Please contact Jackie Chow at if this message is urgent.
I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

After Jennifer's criticisms of her profession ashamed she was of registered nurses and the Fraser Health Authority surrounding the death of her mother, I suspect she was asked to vacate her office at VGH immediately and she only had a few seconds to write the above email. I hope I am not wrong.  So, where is Jennifer Timer. Perhaps, Pamela Fayerman the Sun reporter on the two Timer articles might know.

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