Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doctors in Ontario have to follow the law re DNRs and informed consent.

At least in Ontario, doctors are finally instructed to follow the law: 

Doctors at a major Toronto hospital violated the law by unilaterally imposing a do-not-resuscitate order on an elderly patient against his family’s wishes, an Appeal Board has ruled in an extraordinary clash over end-of-life care.

go to National Post and type in DNR (father : Douglas DeGuerre ; daughter: Joy Wawrzyniak, who saw her father die and no one would help including the doctors who put the illegal DNR Order on her father).

This happened to me twice finding Randy needing acute care as he was heading for heart failure but I was lucky I called 911 and Randy's imminent death via DNR was averted.  

But then I was banned on January 29 2014 from both George Pearson Centre and all other Vancouver General Hospitals because of disrespectful conduct. Risk Management said the Order would be extended forever; this was confirmed by a letter from its lawyers.  

Randy finally died on April 13 2014 from organ failure. No one told me he had bad organs.

I had to get a Supreme Court Order to see Randy die in the ICU.  I had to get the Order by myself (self-counsel).  

I do not know how the Public Trustee and Guardian got involved but its lawyer was able to get an adjournment at the first court hearing for three weeks as Randy's condition was "plateaued" so I could not see Randy for another three weeks and a few days later he died. The PGT didn't care about Randy. If they did they would have made sure I had access to Randy.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Joy Wawrzniak please refer her to this blog and thank her for fighting for her father since 2008.  I would like to talk to her. 604-321-2276

Postscript September 9, 2014, no mention of the Ontario decision is found in the Province or the Sun.  

I am also looking for Mary Turner who was/is a resident of Prince George.  She lives/lived across from the college.


If you as a reader are disturbed by the way the medical establishment behaves, email Randy's MLA, Dr.Moira Stilwell. or phone her office at 604.660.8360 and tell her so.If she gets 200,000 emails and/or phone calls, things will swiftly change. It has got to. We can't be bullied by the medical authorities to the detriment of our security of person. They want DNRs so they can take people's lives away from them before it is truly time.  Quality of life issues for the most part are bogus. What quality of life do I have: I am poor


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