Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maggie Karner Connecticut Fund

This post is to counter Britanny Magnard's Fund found on the internet and You Tube.  It is a statement of a young woman, Maggie Karner, from Connecticut, who wants to fight for every moment of her life.  She should get equal billing.

  So the 10 million of you who have seen Britanny's web site/You Tube video should also see Maggie Karner's.  Even the letter Maggie drafted out you can partially see it, in her words. The family being together at the end of life which is what every person who dies wants.  Maggie's father wants his family to be cohesive and loving and the extra time allotted to forgive and get to know each other again..The pain of the body is nothing. 

We live in a ghastly world why can't we be allowed a Norman Rockwell death. 

By allowing the elderly and the chronic to live it creates work (taxes) paid by employees and for medical supplies so what is the rush to hasten their deaths.This is a viable industry. Soon we will not have a medical industry like the manufacturing industry which is destroying North America. I do not think we can outsource near dead bodies.

More money is paid on lotteries than is paid for the care of the elderly and those in chronic care. What cost is three more months of life.

To see Maggie Karner's video connect with Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International News and Information.and listen to Maggie's letter to Brittany October 30 2014.  It would be something if these women would join forces for life., 1-877-439-3348 Alexander Schadenberg

Family Institute of Connecticut, 77 Buckington Street, Hartford, Ct./ 1-800-548-006

Margaret  Dore, Choice is an Illusion: 10001 4th Avenue #44 Seatle Washington 98154 1-206,223,1922

Ron Panzer, Hospice Patients Alliance, 4680 Shank Street, NE, Rockford, MI 49341, 616-866-9127

Compassion and Choices and its affiliates have spend millions of dollars on convincing Americans that they have a right to die even convincing state governments to allow death for those who are not productive (DNRs)..They have made a multimillion dollar industry for themselves (a make work project killing people)  .Biomedics is unethical.  It is another word for cost accounting. Sick people are not $commodities. Scarcity of medical resources can/has been created to allow rationing of care which in turn forces sleath euthanasia.

 Maggie Karner now has a YouTube video: A letter to Brittany Maynard.


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