Friday, August 21, 2015

For the greater $good

For references to my negative experiences with GPC and VCH, please scroll through the blogs as they are intertwined with other information about DNRs and Euthanasia.  It is all the same: how do you trust doctors to deal with DNRs and Euthanasia.  If you want to die it is easy or if you are coerced to die because of some quality of life issue, it will easily happen.  However, if you do not want to die, you will surely be forced  to do so as doctors are under tremendous pressure to cut costs. And they see nothing wrong with forfeiting your life for this end. We are talking about seriously ill and chronic patients.  The sooner they are out of the $system the better. As they are the most expensive.

All I seem to remember from my experiences with Randy was that the $resources could be used elsewhere and they did ration his care so that his enjoyment of life was severely limited and his life was put in danger.   When I asked in 2013 that Randy be given a small oxygen tank when I took him off site, I was refused by Dr. Fleetham as Randy did not fit into a program that would pay for it.  I remember saying I would pay for the oxygen but Fleetham refused.  It goes on and on.

This is in addition or concurrently with the bullying I had to face it seemed everyday from staff.  You are tired, you are exhausted, you are uncertain, you look blank, and a nurse runs to security saying you look aggressive.In all those years there was not one nurse that came to my defense but since management was sanctioning their behaviors nothing I would do would change things.

Like Nurse Ratchet said, Nothing can happen to me as I am a civil servant when I accused her that she was the cause of all the bullying towards me on Ward 2. She believes her job is to protect everyone and if there is collateral damage to one that is just too bad.  Dr. Dunne also told me this.  So they are all the same. For the greater $good, administration has to make its budget targets for government funding.


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