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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why euthanasia should be illegal.

Read this:  It is because doctors cannot be trusted.

Dr. Cohen-Almagor said that saving money was not the issue in Belgium to euthanize.  Research provided indicated that beneficence is often the guiding principle.  Physicians wish to ease patients' suffering and to ensure a relatively comfortable death.  Maybe this is true in Belgium as it is a liberal state but in a money oriented country such as ours it seems to be the opposite. Follow the money.

I keep remembering Dr. Ostrow's "mean management" protocol evidenced by signage on the hallways walls of VGH so even the public was able to read them.  He sure did not mean saving toilet paper.  The brightest of the bright knew exactly what he meant and the rest would accept the saving the toilet paper scenario.  Dr. Ostrow was the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health.  He also moonlighted with organ transplants. I used to call Ostrow "Napoleon" and his girl, Josephine (the new CEO).
I am very frustrated this afternoon, I have been trying to give Randy's "Owen" the little doggie terri-poo, a bath and each time I say to him let's go for a bath.  He runs and hides under heavy furniture and I have to find where he is with a flashlight and he won't come out of his space.  I had to cancel an appointment as I won't take him there, although they are dog friendly, without him being washed with his doggie soap that smells so nice.

We have been doing this doggie game for two hours now.  I will not lie to him.  As soon as I say "bath" he runs under a table, then a chair, then into his house "a large long dark willow basket" on its side top covered with an Afghan and the inside upholstered with pillows and a small fan. I need a flash light to see if he is there. I am going to have to start  to video him.  He is so cute and he has  perfect pearl white teeth. He is so healthy.  Not too long ago a male acquaintance tried to be friendly with me and Owen got in between him and I and showed his teeth.  The human decided to leave never to be seen again. 

I made an appointment with Trish, his groomer, next week and he listens to her.

A tale of my life.  No one listens to me.


Mein Kampf Is One of the Bestselling Political Books of the Year

Mein Kampf Is One of the Bestselling Political Books of the Year
One benefit of eBooks is that you can purchase and read them anoynmously—there are no nosy clerks or shaming book covers to give away your terrible taste. This, as it turns out, is great news for Hitler's sales: the electronic version of Mein Kampf has become a surprise bestseller over the past year.
"These are things that people would be embarrassed to read otherwise," journalist Chris Faraone, who first noticed the trend, told ABC News. "Books that people would probably be a bit more embarrassed to read or display or buy in public, they are more than willing to buy on their Kindle, or iPads."
Faraone notes that eBooks led to a huge surge in sales for erotic novels like 50 Shades of Grey as well as more controversial books like Mein Kampf.
From Faraone's post on Vocativ:
For a year now, [Hitler's] magnum manifesto has loomed large over current best-sellers on iTunes, where at the time of this writing two different digital versions of Mein Kampf rank 12th and 15th on the Politics & Current Events chart alongside books by modern conservative powerhouses like Sarah Palin, Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck.
In fact, all seven of Beck's books trail Herr Hitler's nearly century-old tell-all, which consistently holds its own against new e-blockbusters like Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, This Town by Mark Leibovich, and Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise.
Versions of Hitler's prison screed also currently sit in third and fourth place on iTunes' Politics and Current Events bestseller list.
Of course, it's not clear if the book's popularity is because of a resurgence of academic curiosity or something more sinister.
"While the academic study of Mein Kampf is certainly legitimate, the spike in ebook sales likely comes from neo-Nazis and skinheads idolizing the greatest monster in history," World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer told ABC News.
But Michael Ford, the president of Elite Minds, an electronic publisher with a popular $0.99 version of Mein Kampf, disagrees.
"The popularity of the digital Ford translation of Mein Kampf has surged due to academic interest in the subject." Ford told ABC News in an email.
Who knows! The only thing for sure is that Mein Kampf is more popular now than most contemporary political books.

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