Thursday, September 17, 2015

Public mostly unaware of the pending Euthanasia Law in Canada

I still find it hard to believe that most people I speak do not know about the pending euthanasia law.  They do not even know what a DNR is.  So how can this nightmare be happening.  No one seems to trust doctors and yet we are giving them legal license to help someone commit suicide.  This law can also be used by hospital administrations (and the government) to hasten death in order to save a few dollars.

The consultation process is a joke; it is only a public relations vehicle that is being manipulated by the pro euthanasia lobby.  And who are those who want euthanasia: they are predominately white, middle aged, educated professionals who are control freaks wanting a safe and painless death with the help of a doctor.  The rest of us will be collateral damage.

Giving doctors the power to cause your death assumes that all doctors are ethical and all acts with be done within the law.  This a a big assumption and carries no guarantees.  Safeguards cannot stop human nature from make mistakes.  It was for this reason that capital punishment was eradicated.

As for capacity, the definition rests with the doctors.


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