Thursday, January 21, 2016

Euthanasia and the Canadian Medical Association

Today being Thursday January 21 2016, the Canadian Medical Association is presenting its Principles-based Recommendations for a Canadian Approach to Assisted Dying. What a joke.

The Recommendations (if the government accepts the recommendations) will be stealth law giving 99.9% power to doctors to do euthanasia when they want.  There is a window, so it will be opened.  The window is ...a standard waiting period is not appropriate for all requests ...this could be shorter ...the attending physician must wait no longer than 48 hours, or as soon as is practicable, after the written request is received.

Think about it why have a waiting period as each day costs $big, so why wait. More importantly, the patient may change her mind and all the preparation are for naught.  Doctors do not like patients who change their minds. This is what Ro Ang, the manager of GPC, told me. So was Randy declared incompetent because he might change his mind.  Is this one of the reasons used to justify his incompetence. 

Like the young woman (Brittany Maynard) in Oregon, she changed her mind against assisted suicide as it was too soon, she said (there was a video), and the next day she was dead. Was she forced to follow through with her original date to commit suicide. Also, Gloria Taylor, who was happy with all the attention she was getting.  She must have had a DNR on her and emergency refused to agressively treat her.  She did not want to die from an infection.

The first few of those who will be euthanized will have perfect oversight to satisfy the public as to  safe safeguards but after that what: confidentiality; and a death certificate, not mentioning euthanasia so an insurance company (I think that is criminal fraud) will never know.  

CORRECTION; Quebec is already euthanizing patients against federal law and details (the process) is confidential.  We live in Dodge City.

The CMA recommendations are not even dated. Trust doctors, you cannot even trust them to date a document recommending how they are going to euthanize patients. What an oversight.

Listen to this:  This is also what is happening in Canada not only to the elderly but to anyone the system targets as not having a meaningful quality of life.  This parallels what happened to Randy and I.  The legislators in the US and also in Canada know that this is happening but do nothing except to maintain the status quo thus creating a culture of death.

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