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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Inconsistency of Modern Biothics ( health care)

The inconsistency of modern bioethics is breathtaking. On the one hand, if you want to end your chronic suffering or deal with a terminal illness by committing suicide, today’s utilitarian ethicists will invoke personal autonomy as the guiding principle and endorse your plans. But if you choose to continue living in spite of your suffering or terminal diagnosis, those same ethicists brush aside the notion of personal autonomy, label your request as unreasonable, and conclude that you are sadly incapable of making the “right” choice.

Philip Hawley, Jr. MD. 
Public Discourse 

No one is allowed to believe in miracles.


Note:  I was told that it was in Randy's best interest to die.

At the time when I was told on my cell that Randy was being moved to a private room at GPC because he was dying I was at VGH talking to his doctor there and he said Randy was okay. Randy just returned from VGH to GPC.  So why was he forced to return against Randy's objections as he was afraid of being returned there to GPC and I advised VGH since 2010 that Randy nor I wanted him in GPC as it was not safe they kept sending him back. I remember being told by VGH that although Randy was full code and that VGH had  no power over what Dr. Dunn would do when he was returned to GPC.  GPC is a satellite of VGH and VGH said it has no power over GPC and it would not investigate our concern that it was not safe for Randy to be at GPC.  How inconceivable.  I remember asking for VGH/GPC to send Randy home if he was dying as this was not what Randy wanted and both refused.  So I assumed he was not going to die. Trust the health authority, I think not.

As I understand the euthanasia act to be on Februaty 6 2016, that it only takes two doctors to collude together to rid the system of costly longterm chronic patients.

Randy was not on a ventilator, he was on a trach and he was not in pain. Although he was on a trach and could not talk, he knew exactly what they were trying to do with him: hasten  his death without his authority to do so by using a do not attempt DNR. I always wondered why they would say do not attempt a DNR on a document that the patient did not sign.  Does that mean to tell the health professionals covertly if they had a patient who had signs of an upcoming heart attack because he had a high temperature (pneumonia) or that if a patient was having a trouble breathing not to assist him: put him in an isolated private room "pull the curtain" and let him die alone. Just do not go near the room so you can not hear him gasping for oxygen because then you would have to do something. My musing.

To the patients (and loved ones out there) INSIST that you read and get a copy of your medical report each single day.  If your relatives/friends want a copy, the hospital or care home can send them a copy via fax with a caveat by your that all entries have to be readable. Or the hospital can use a cell phone., take a picture of the record, and send it to them.  If you are a substitute decision maker, you are entitled to this information: you should be aware of his up-to-date medical file.  How else can you make an informed decision; it is easy for the health authority to say you are not capable to make medical decisions and appoint the PGT.  This is what they did to me. A copy could be sent to anyone that the patient would want to monitor his progress (advocacy groups).

It is up to the patient to decide who he wants to know his health condition and treatment and not the hospital or the government.


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