Thursday, January 28, 2016

Euthanasia on Demand v. Free Trade (no regulations)

From Globe and Mail January 27 2016 CARP exec says she was fired over neutral approach to assisted dying.

Slippery Slope is already here.

CARP speaks for 300,000 Canadians, really (did 300,000 members vote on this issue)

Susan Eng was told on Tuesday that she was no longer needed as the executive vice-president of advocacy at CARP Canada. She then learned on Wednesday that she was being replaced by Wanda Morris, the head of Dying with Dignity Canada, which advocates for access to physician-assisted dying and against unnecessary barriers when safeguards are being imposed to protect the vulnerable.

The dismissal by Mr. Znaimer occurred as the federal government is preparing to change the law around assisted dying. Parliamentary hearings have already begun on the matter. "The only reason he fired me was so that they can put out an official position for CARP saying that they want to insist on assisted dying on demand," said Ms. Eng, a Toronto lawyer and former chair of the city's police services board.

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