Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Red Cross, it is corrupt

I did not know that the Red Cross was corrupt.  So if I did not know this I assume 99.9% of the population out there is not aware of what is happening.

I am sure that the Red Cross is like the Vancouver Food Bank that it has no members from the public.  Do not give any money to any charitable cause unless you can be an active members i.e. access to detailed financial records ,membership lists, attending board meetings, all that should be transparent, ability to become a director.

Years ago I was part of a conversation and I was told that well-educated parents were directing their children to enter the non-profit sector rather than public service as the non-profit sector is where the money is with job security and very little accountability.  Governments are downloading their social responsibilities to non-profits.

When there is an environmental disaster the military should be sent in to reconstruct.  Roosevelt got tired of the prima donnas that were constructing the Hoover Dam so he sent in the military to finish its construction: those who had to followed orders and could not quit.

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