Friday, July 1, 2016

Fall Out from Bill C-14 and other mischief

From    June 28 2016.   Italics are my comments.

What do you do when your husband has been approved for euthanasia and you are opposed to euthanasia? This is the situation that we (EPC) faced last week when we received a call from a woman who needed help and advice after her husband had been approved for euthanasia. Due to privacy, I cannot provide more information, but the woman, who deeply loves and cares for her husband, was emotionally upset.

There is nothing in Bill C-14 that addresses confidentiality. When it comes to end-of-life decisions nothing should be confidential. 

Today we received a call from a woman whose husband became quadriplegic from an accident and now the hospital is pressuring her family to remove his ventilator.

The family has nothing to do with the decision of the husband.   A few weeks later the hospital might remove the ventilator and say the patient told it to do it and the patient did not want his family to know.  Who would know. When it comes to medical treatment or end-of-life options, the family as a courtesy, will be involved if the doctor/patient feels the family will not oppose. Otherwise the family does not have to know.  the family will be told that he died from his underlying medical condition and not from withdrawal of his ventilator.  

End-of -life decisions before a patient is euthanized should be published in the newspaper.  If public money is being used to kill someone, then we the public should know who is being killed.

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