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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Elder Abuse and Interior Health Authority

On July 4 2016 when I realized that my aunt was being elder abused by my cousin I did what is required report the abuse to Vernon Jubilee Hospital (Interior Health Authority) and they refused to do anything.  I was told my aunt was competent and that my cousin had a power of attorney. 

If they cannot recognize that elder abuse is usually done by those with powers of attorney then there is cause for alarm.  They tell me my aunt is competent.  So, what.  Does she even know that she is being abused. 

It was up to Interior Health to investigate suspected abused when it comes to serious decision-making that might affect a patient's health.

I was told by Vernon Jubilee Hospital when I asked for the name of my aunt's doctor so I could discuss this abuse they refused to give it to me as it was confidential.  What invasion of a person's privacy is that.  Even my aunt's wrist band which would tell me the name of her doctor was removed.  I was told that I would have to go to the abuser to get the name of the doctor.  The abuser would not even give me his cell phone number and he told my aunt not to give it to me either so how could I do that.

A few hours later I was told by the social worker/nursing that I was not to discuss my aunt's housing with her or I would get banned.  What a stupid demand when a patient has a right to privacy and to talk in private to anyone she wants to.  And she also has the right to be fully informed as to housing options not just what my cousin wants. And how would I know if she was being abused if I cannot discuss topics relating to her well-being. 

She did not need complex care so why would she want to go to a nursing home if she had a home of her own.

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