Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PGTism in BC

After researching BC Public Guardian and Trustee, I  created a new word to describe it and it is "PGTism."

Later I received a phone call from the BCCLA thanking me for my donation.  I asked how much did I donate.  He said $20.00.  I said I made a mistake as I was only going to give it $10.00.  The BCCLA is frustrating as it seldom answers its phone or replies to emails. 

He also wanted some feedback, and so I said, what is the BCCLA going to do about PGTism?

Of course, the young man, who sounded very well education, did not know what PGTism was, neither did he know what a Public Guardian and Trustee was; however, I did leave him to ponder: how could a regulation, not a law, make an adult a "non-person."  Being named a non-person should be under the purview of the Supreme Court.

Making an adult a non-person is not the same thing as regulating how the Liquor Control Board should do its job.  How insulting of British Columbia to subject any one of us to being regulated. Stripping us of our autonomy by use of a regulation.

Statutory Guardianship Act Regulation (2014).

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