Friday, August 25, 2017

Moral Turpitude

What Randy and I suffered at the hand of VCHA is best described  as moral turpitude.  It is not a crime but it is a subset.

Moral Turpitude. A phrase used in Criminal Law to describe conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals. Crimes involving moral turpitude have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, or depravity with respect to a person's duty to another or to society in general.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Flashbacks August 22 2017

I have not been well this past time.  I wake in the middle of the night soaking wet.  This time I awoke thinking back to seeing  the conditions of December 26 2013.  The ambu bag that I used to save Randy's life in November 18 2013 was missing.  I remember asking for it but I was ignored.  An ambu bag is placed next to everyone's bed.  It is standard.  Always there.  An ambu bag is used if a patient gets into respiratory distress.  It was not there.  Randy was put on full code with the caveat that he was not to be removed from George Pearson Centre.  He was ordered by his physician that he was not go to acute (VGH) for treatment.  What is the point of being put on a full code if staff had orders that Randy was not to be removed from GPC.  They initially would not call 911.  I had to call 911.  Upon arrival 911 was very sharp with staff asking why did it take so long to call 911.  When Randy was in distress I told staff to call 911.  After 45 minutes 911 did not come so I called them. Full code means staff is to do everything possible to keep Randy alive.  Someone made a decision to ensure Randy's death was to be hastened: a slow code.  Slow codes are illegal.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Daphne Bramham and Bountiful (the FLDS)

On 13 August 2017 I attended a gathering where Daphne was speaking on the August 11 2017 decision of the court.  The court had sentenced Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore to jail for facilitating a polygamous marriage of their 13 year old daughter to a Mormon leader.

Daphne said that when abuse was suspected by hospital staff when children of Bountiful went to Creston emergency, the hospital was not allowed to contact the police. This directive came from the AG of BC. They were instructed to contact the Bishop Blackmore.

That must be the same protocol that the VPD has with VCHA.  On two occasions I was assaulted by VCHA staff and when the police (I had them called) both times), the police arrived and I told them that I wanted charges laid and nothing came of it. They assault me, they sit on me imprisoning me, they accused me of using a pen as a weapon.  But they would not phone the police.  And when the police finally came it was in response to its  non-emergency number which delayed their attendance.

VCHAstaff were following orders.  Following illegal orders went out with the Nuremberg trials.

The Bountiful protocol must exist between the VPD and VCHA.  VPD may attend but their function is only to calm and do nothing. . The police were so kind to me ... too kind. Their job was to calm me so that I did not insist on charges.  VPD did not investigate the black and blue brusings.They did not even talk to the attackers. Thinking back the VPD were very respectful as if they knew they could not do anything.  Much like the judge I faced on April 8 2014.  He would not grant VCHA the restraining order it sought but he did adjourn the matter for 30-days.  I still remember him loooking down at me as if to say he was sorry that was the best he could do.  Randy was comatose and he died five days later in ICU.

Therefore, VCHA has authority to be thugs and nothing will ever happen to them.  MLA Stilwell told me when I was being bullied by the VCHA in 2011, she could not help me as VCHA had its own government.

Thank you Daphne for pointing out the Bountiful protocol. Downloading policing powers to non-profits (churches and hospitals and the SPCA) is a slippery slope to a futuristic dark world that I want no part of.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A reason why I can't get a lawyer.

This told me after I recently asked a lawyer for help:

Lawyers are required to serve their clients in a competent manner.  If a case is complicated and outside the lawyer's area of expertise, a lawyer may not be able to service the client in a competent manner -- this could lead to a finding of misconduct or liability in negligence.

Health care law is very complex,And there are very few lawyers that specialize in it.  Those that do work for the health auhority.

As a note.  I want to thank Master Baker (a judge) of the Supreme Court of British Columbia for explaining what proportionality means.  See internet.

So how did VCHA banning me for life from ALL VCHA properties in Randy's last weeks/months of life (VCHA knew he was activively dying)  protect VCHA and its assets from me.  Did the punishment fit the crime. And to doubly make sure that their assets were protected it had to engage the Public Guardian and Trustee  and others to revoke my power of attorney and representation agreement.  Thus I would be legally barred further from Randy.  I could not even advocate for Randy off site.  I had no legal standing.  No one would share information with me.

Randy was in a private room (under security) and I could have continued to see him without offending the  assets of VCHA. .The private room was deliberate because if Randy needed assistance staff would not hear him as Randy could not call out as he had a trach nor could he use a call bell. The private room was the most distant from the nurses station than any other room.  

And VCHA telling me that its assets are private property and VCHA can do what it wants without explanation is not a truthful fact.  VCHA is a creation of the provincial government thus it is a public body subject to constitutional safeguards..The simple test is who appoints the Board of Directors. 

I am still banned for life from all VCHA properties and was told that the banning would never be lifted.  Randy died in 2014.  I can't even visit a patient no mater what. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Email February 12 2014

I came across an email dated February 12 2014 wherein Ro, the manager of George Pearson Center, was dictating that a visitor could only visit Randy for 10 minutes and not partake in any COVERT activity i.e. videotaping, no audio reording, no pictures.  GPC was imprisoning Randy, restricting his visitors, and saying that taking a picture is covert. It had no right to do this. How stupid is GPC. Randy had a right to have pictures taken of himself and his environment (his home).  I wanted pictures taken so I can see that he is okay.  But of course that is no allowed.  I get banned 24/7 from seeing Randy (because WorkSafe BC decided that employees of the GPC had to be protected from me)  and then I am not allowed to know what is happening to him. Others take pictures in GPC but anything to do with Randy was a no-no. What harm is there to taking a picture.  Ro would use any situation to create a situation. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

VCHA is a police state.

I was thinking about VCHA this morning.  A caution to all those who read my blog.  Consider whenever you enter a VCHA property rememeber that you are entering a police state and it will take away your civil rights or even contractual rights as there is no due process.  By the time you figure that maybe you have some rights, your loved one is dead.  Anything that happened before is moot.

I am still in disbelief over the fact that I cannot find a lawyer to represent me.  VCHA farms out all its legal work to multiple law firms so there is no one qualified to act for you when you need someone. These legal firms are all in a conflict position.  It is much like a company town where the company owns the store from which you buy bread.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Repeat of Post dated March 31 2014. Randy died two weeks later.

Monday, March 31, 2014

My poor Randy

Poor Randy.  It has been two months since he was imprisoned at GPC because of my disrespectful conduct.  What has my conduct got to do with him wanting to visit me.  He has the right to see me but VCH is acting cruelly and harshly.  Why are they punishing Randy when he can't move or even talk.  I am sure he must be very depressed not knowing what is really going on.

I will tell you how mean VCH is:  From October 15 2013 to January 29 2014 Randy was in a private room in which I was able to visit him for two hour intervals.  Then they moved him to an open ward so those phantoms that are afraid of me are there and I can't see Randy.

It is the staff that is violent not me.  Because they belong to the medical profession they get away with bullying and violence everyday because they are believed and the victims are not.  And there is no lawyer or doctor who will aid you because VCH will make sure that you are discredited.  No one.

On October 22 2013 the staff at GPC attacked me because I was trying to take Randy out of GPC.  They lied and said that Randy was in need of medical attention; he didn't. 

Stephanie created the mob hysteria and everyone followed her.  She must have known that Randy did not want a DNR as it was in Randy's medical records and she did nothing to save him on November 18 but was willing to save him on October 21. No one did anything to save him.

I still am haunted with him begging me to save his life when he was scheduled to die by GPC on November 18 2013. No one was there; he was alone in an isolated room with no one to help him. No nurses; no security; no one. Dr. Dunne and others decided that Randy would never get any better -- he was chronic, and it was time for him to die.

How can all of GPC be party to this.  And then what do they do with Randy, they ban me from seeing him.  I saved his life after GPC tried to hasten his death and I am charged with the crime of disrespectful conduct.  What bizarre logic does these highly trained medical professionals possess.  They should all be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

If Randy is chronic and was actively dying in November and December, it would be logical that I should have access to him 24/7 as it is just a matter of time before he dies.  How insensitive and stupid is VCH.

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