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Saturday, March 5, 2016

There are daily reports about euthanasia on the blog, go to it. This is important so you can understand all the issues.  At my age, replicating this information limits my life experience.

My fear is about the dangers of euthanasia evidenced by my experience with DNRs without full informed consent or any consent. Randy would have died if I did not intervene on November 18 2013 and call 911 as GPC (VCH) would not because Dr. Dunn had a DNR on Randy. It was Randy's DNR not Dr. Dunn's. Dr. Dunn was told earlier (7:00 pm) to take off the DNR and he said he would consider it after he returned from Prince George.  So much for CHANGING YOUR MIND and who owns your body.  DNRs are no different than euthanasia, in reality, will you be able to change your mind? Each year DNRs cause more deaths than euthanasia ever will. A DNR tells staff not to give aggressive treatment to a patient.

Euthanasia is quick and painless while a DNR can dictate a death that can be long, very painful and terrifying.  A DNR is a red flag saying to staff not to treat you aggressively. Why would anyone want to look forward to a heart attack or torture by waterboard (unable to breathe) when euthanasia is much more inviting.

And guess what, you the consumer are blamed as you are the ultimate decision maker.

Randys anniversary of his death is rapidly approaching.  Every where I go and I see him.  I am not crying as  much but the pain is so regretful. I could have done more I keep telling myself.  .  But the circumstances of his death is causing me flashbacks and I cannot do very much. If I was not banned from seeing him by VCH.  VCH caused Randy and me irreparable and unforgivable pain.

Randy had a green burial under trees and a mountain cliff.  The day I buried him was cold but beautiful.  The trip home on the ferry from Victoria was fitting as it was a cold but a beautiful day.
I want to demonstrate downtown with my sign and little Owen, but I cannot.  I feel paralysed by grief.  I only want to stay home.  Perhaps, when spring comes, I will feel better.  The sign says:  If you cannot trust doctors to do a DNR, how can you trust doctors to do euthanasia.

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