Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It doesn't seem to make a sifference; no matter how I try I never get catchup to the times I have to do.  I do not even have time to blog.  Everyday a new prioritory presents itself.

This past week Randy was being difficult and I did not know why.  Finally, yesterday he pointed to an application which I picked up from the bank when we were doing the banking.  After much pointing last week and yesterday I finally gave him a letter board and he slowly spelled out C+R+E.  I knew then he wanted me to fill out the credit card application.  I asked him why would he want a credit card.  No answer.  I then asked him if he wanted a credit card in case of an emergency.  He nodded his head YES. We mailed the credit card application and he was happy. He amazes me at times with his memory and determination. 

Since January 2013 Randy has been on strike against the RTs at GPC. He won't let them treat him.  Why, because he sees them as being the cause of him not having a passey-muir valve which would enable him to talk.  I was never told that he can't talk if it was attached to his trach, but rather that it was too dangerous...

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