Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What are they doing behind the curtains

When I return Randy back to GPC, I leave him in the hands of the nurses as they ready him to bed.  After watching vimeo.com/64462798 an interview with the daughter of a man who died of bedsores at Burnaby General, a thought raced back to me.  What are they hiding?  On Saturday I returned Randy and since he did not want to return to GPC I promised that I would wait until after he was put to bed and then stay with him until the visiting hours were over.  When returned I was told by his nurse to leave his bedside and I had to wait one hour before he was safe in his bed. Why should this have taken one hour; when it should have only taken 10 minutes; 15 minutes top.  What are they doing.  Hiding something I should see or alternatively texting on their smart phones  I have seen this man naked before, so why am I ushered out of  his "home" by the nurses...Randy can't even talk to tell me what is going on....of the ten residents on Randy's "open" Ward, only one can talk ...


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