Friday, May 3, 2013

When did it Change

In the 1960, the 1970s and the 1980s society (medical industry) was doing everything to extend life and they did.  The sanctity of life was in tack. And it was not until the early 1990s that it was decided that the unproven financial  cost to allow everyone to live longer was too high.   In the 1990s it started to change to "quality of life" and the willingness of patients to end their lives sooner than they needed being convinced/coerced that it was in a patients best interest and he alone made this decision. The method they used to triage patients was advance directives/levels of care... Who needs patients who are a burden on society and their families and difficult to treat and will never be productive members of society.  They are not only going after the elderly but others as well like those who were injured through extreme sports or have a long-term disease.They are targetting each one of us.  It is easy to postpone treatment for heart attack, stroke, pneumonia or cancer until a patient/resident has a sudden death. This is called a slow DNR.

I remember reading recently of an economist from back East saying that our medical system is sustainable and it is not necessary not to treat the elderly.......  The elderly are paying taxes on their pensions/income/assets/purchases and are a source of revenue for the economy.  When I went back to cite this article I could not find it but it made sense to me at that time.  So maybe all this about cost savings is not cost saving but rather to dispose of those of us who are not perfect and not in good health. And you might ask where do your assets go upon your death... 

All forms of advanced directives have to be banned. This to ensure that everyone has security of person i.e. life..

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