Thursday, October 24, 2013

Picketing George Pearson Centre October 24 2013.

It was comical watching these two huge security guards standing in front of the door to the entrance of George Pearson Centre this afternoon.. What a joke and a waste of money.

What did they expect me to do.  I like picketing.  You talk to a lot of people and most are very supportive.  Not most, all.  Vancouver Coastal Health has a rotten reputation and what I am doing will just add to it..  The Eden principal says that residents have to live a normal life and GPC is the furtherest thing from a normal life there is.

I was told by a nurse today that Randy was happy, not depressed,. had no temperature, and he was being given excellent care although he still wasn't put into his wheel chair.  He has suffered sixteen weeks at VGH being in bed and there is no reason for his forced bed rest now.  All he does is look at the ceiling and silently scream with rage.  Later I received two emails disputing her assessment.  Both said he was non responsive and very unhappy.  Maybe someone should remind Tanu what atrophy does. It will take him weeks to get over this psychological trauma caused by what happened on Monday and his physical deterioration from lack of exercise may never come back. The only thing Randy can be assured of is bed sores as his skin is fragile and he does not have an air mattress like he had at VGH. This is why I need to have access to him at his bedside 24/7 to make sure everything possible is being done to make Randy as comfortable as can be like insisting that he has a proper mattress. Also I was told by VGH that Randy should be on a blood thinner but GPC said that it wasn't necessary as he gets exercise at GPC. What a joke when they don't even position him. I have never seen him being positioned during the years.  He will get a blood clot and he will die and no one will even connect the fact that he wasn't on a blood thinner.

Again I tried to phone Randy on his line 604-321-5911 and it was still not ringing.  It just goes to show that they do not even read my emails or this blog or someone would have made sure the phone could ring.

The police didn't come again today although I contacted the district commander of district 4 to send someone to clear up this mess. VGH is guilty of assaulting me and imprisoning Randy without his consent.  It is just a matter of time until the media  picks up on this and there will be serious questions asked nationally as to why the police did not protect a vulnerable person from being imprisoned (and possibly medically ill treated). All the police have to do is tell GPC that Randy cannot be held against his will and for GPC to release him and GPC will have to agree.  Simple.

In this situation there is no two sides to the cruelty that happened. GPC is in a superior position and abused this power with malice and intent.  Poor Randy being in the middle and not being able to defend himself or me. GPC failing to communicate with me which is what they will regrettable allege is no defense.  Randy not being able to to talk or move and he seeing me being attacked by a group of idiots.It is like a child seeing his mother violently assaulted.  He did not deserve that. He did not ask that these strangers protect him from me.. He has always wanted me to look after him. In 2010 a letter with twenty copies was distributed at VGH of which Kim Sinclair has a copy.  So why was this directive never respected.

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