Sunday, December 22, 2013

The nights Randy should have died by doctor's orders.

Doctor's Orders prevented moving Randy Michael Walker to acute care and by fortuitous timing I was able to intervene on both occasions.

Dr. Dunne knew or should have known that such Orders would translate into nights that Randy should have died.

The nurses and security followed Dr. Dunne's Orders blindly although they were aware Randy was full code because I told them so.

The first date was November 18, 2013 and the second date was December 26, 2013.

It is beyond my comprehension that Randy is still alive.

He was/is not imminent. There was no question of competency.

He is stable as of December 30, 2013 at VGH.

I asked the police to investigate and lay criminal charges against Dr. Dunne for attempted homicide.

On January 3 2014 I was told that Randy was clear of all infections.

Should Randy be forced to return to GPC he will get soon get another infection as every resident/patient at GPC has MRSA, a super bug.

Returning Randy to GPC is like forcing a woman who was nearly killed by her husband to return to him.

Monday, December 16, 2013

What am I to do.

By the guideline as presented by the health authority says I cannot go down the hall from where Randy's cell is located across from the security office and a personal security guard sitting in front of Randy's door..  He has this room which is accessible only by his jailers and me.  I have a problem.  A visitor who visits her son everyday left me some of her high quality used clothing in his room.  Two pairs of leather boots, four tops and a beautiful scarf.  Since I do not know her name or even the name of her son how can I thank her for the gift which I appreciate.

I also noticed that there is no clock in Randy's room.  In VGH each room had a clock.  Another method to drive patients like Randy: and put them in solitary confinement so they have no sense of time and eventually they will go mad.



What the Hell are they doing....

The other day I was given a slip of paper by an employee of GPC saying that I was not to harass Karen Storms alledgedly from Karen unsigned..  I read it and thought it strange as I thought we were friends. We spent a lot of time together at VGH.  From the wording it seemed that the social worker was behind it..  So I left it as I had Randy to worry about and Karen could wait. However, I have a note from Karen, signed by her, saying that I can visit her at GPC anytime I want.  She gave it to me while we were at VGH.

I didn't have to wait long.  Yesterday outside on my way home at 7:30 Karen motioned for me to come and see her.  She gave me a hug and told me that she was writing a book:  Bad Things: Good Things.  She said she missed her husband who recently passed without much formal explanation and not even a memorial service.  We agreed we would go to IHOP for its Christmas pancakes special which she likes as she has no teeth but she can eat pancakes. My treat as they are a bit expensive.

Now I am told that I am not allowed to talk to staff, residents or visitors.  I wonder if  visitors and residents know that this is the new guideline at George Pearson Centre. Interesting.  Can visitors and residents talk to me?.Or do they even know that I can't talk to them.Or do they even care. There isn't one iota of normalcy in that place..

What is wrong with George Pearson Centre? They are running around looking like fools. When will it all stop.  Maybe never.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Quality of Life RushJudgments Kill

NCD Comment John Kelly, December 5, 2013, Topeka Kansas
“New Disability and the Rush to Judgment”

Last month, Indiana hunter Tim Bowers fell from a tree and broke his neck. Bowers breathed on his own until help arrived, 5 or 6 hours later.  At the hospital, he was intubated, placed on a ventilator, and put under sedation to spare him physical discomfort.
Less than 24 hours later, news reports had doctors predicting that Bowers would “likely spend the rest of his life in a hospital bed, attached to a respirator unable to hold his soon-to-be-born child. “
Bowers’ wife Abbey said “The last thing he wanted was to be in a wheelchair. To have all that stuff taken away would probably be devastating. He would never be able to give hugs, to hold his baby. We made sure he knew that, so he could make a decision. Even if he decided the other thing, the quality of life would’ve been very poor. His life expectancy would be very low.”
“We made sure he knew that so he could make a decision,”  his wife said.  But what Tim Bowers was led to accept as truth about his future was false.  His tragically unnecessary death is another in a line of “rush to judgment” cases, in which newly disabled people are immediately steered towards death.
I have almost exactly the same injury as Bowers and I know that reliable prognosis requires the passage of time.  Weeks or months under ventilation was typical at my rehabilitation hospital.  In the spinal cord injured community, we know people who weaned off ventilation.  We also know many people who have led thriving lives with breathing assistance, whether by ventilator, oxygen, or continuous pressure CPAP/ BiPAP.
Tim Bowers deserved to get the same suicide prevention services offered to any other person in the throes of trauma.  Instead, he was given an incomplete and hasty prognosis and false certainty of future suffering. No one told him about all the opportunities open to him, or about the adjustment and adaptation that follow in time.
Based on this misinformation from doctors, and his and his loved one’s fears about  life in a wheelchair, Tim Bowers gave his consent to dying on the first day after his injury.  In no way was his decision based on informed consent.
Meaningful self-determination gets bypassed and obstructed in favor of a rush to judgment that cuts short the lives of newly disabled people based on ignorant and outmoded judgments about quality of life. 
John B. Kelly
New England Regional Director

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Karen Storm

The other evening I spoke to Karen Storm at Emerg VGH and she seemed delighted to see me as it was her who motioned to me that she wanted to converse. .  I asked her if she received the card I sent her.  Yes.  I asked her did anyone from GPC contact her to say that I wanted to see her.  She said no.  I mentioned: Ro, Sam, Sandra, Bob.  She said no to each.  Either she is lying or else GPC has taken it upon itself to decide whom Karen should speak to.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada in an Ontario case (Cuthertbertson v. Rasoul October18 2013) said that consent to refuse treament had to be approved by the patient.  A DNR is a refusal for treatment but it seems in BC physicians can override this which is illogical and now unlawful.  Why have a DNR if a doctor can overrule it anytime he wants and he doesn't even have to tell you. There is something terribly terribly wrong.  How scarey: you go to a hospital thinking you are full code and a doctor behind your back decides you are not worth $saving and that is the end of it. He decides that you have no quality of life.  There is something terribly wrong. In this day and age who trusts doctors least of all one doctor.

This past time when Randy was admitted to Emerg at VGH when talking to the social worker she only wanted to know whether or not Randy had a quality of life.  What business is that of hers or even of an emergency room doctor.

 A patient has the right to change his mind as to treatment.  I have yet to know of an instance that a patient is asked if he has a DNR that if he wanted it changed to FULL CODE when he is faced with the possiblity that a FULL CODE will save his life.  Before ribs are broken a lot of intervention can happen.Once you are DNRed you are triaged to a do not treat unless you have nothing else to do.  Even with a Full Code, the doctors can decide to do a slow code which will kill.


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