Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kevin Calder and VGH

I was thinking about how far and stupid Vancouver Coastal Health would go with the criminal profile assessment did by Kevin Calder.  Over what.  I wanting to see Randy.  How stupid is VCH. What I am saying is that Vancouver Coastal Health management is flawed in that they couldn't solve a simple problem which they started in 2010. They allowed this to escalate to where it is now.  They now are wanting me to never see Randy again.  What a cruel indictment. I was told two years ago by Dr. Tang that Randy would not live for more than two years and now it is year three. So it is just a matter of time before he dies.

11.  I believe that Mrs. Laferriere is incapable of adhering to any limitations that are placed on her access to Mr. Walker or to GPC and further believe that the only tenable solution to this situation is a complete ban on Ms. Laferriere's access to Mr. Walker. 

We should all be shocked at the methods used by VCH.

Should anyone want to read this report, let me know.

Why should there be any limitations placed on Mrs. Laferriere. And what is the purpose of the limitations. VCH can do what they want just because they can.

Also, what about Mr. Walker.  his rights to access me has been denied.  He has the right to see me whenever he can and VGH has no right to create a situation where he cannot.

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