Thursday, March 27, 2014

Criminal Profile

It takes  me a long long time to get angry.  And this time I am angry. The idea that Vancouver Coastal Health would have its employee do a criminal profile on me for deviating against  illogical stupid guidelines based on irational stupidity is ridiculous. Rather than do what VCH should have done in 2010 when the bullying and cruely started by VCH, the best they can do is now result to criminal profile an old woman.

 I am going to post Gavin's report on the internet as a public service. I want all of you to know what VCH is doing. You can read it and ask so what if she didn't follow the ridulous innocuous guidelines which were not written in stone;  guidelines she never agreed to in the first place. She was trespassing on government owned property to see her husband.  This is crazy.  Whose idea was it.  WorkSafe BC would never agree to this.  A undercover hospital police state targeting an innocent to make sure they have something something to justify their work.  Create a situation by tragetting an individual who only wanted to be with her husband and to make friends with the other lonely residents. Residents that no one cares to see except for their memorial service.   Security companies do it all the time and managers do it as well to cement their positions. You are taught this is university: Business 101 how to survive a job and get promoted create a situation and make yourself look good.    But I never thought it would happen in a hospital.  VCH stating that I would be further danger to staff and everyone else on all its properties.

I was told WorkSafe BC told VCH to do it.  Really. VCH is suppose to be in the health care business not in criminal profiling of its visitors, staff, contract workers, and children.. So who is next, the underpaid janitor who steals toilet paper. Or maybe Napolean Ostrow and where he gets his organs for transplants. A new industry.  BIG BROTHER HOSPITAL who isn't the government. But then they might be working together.

I would be afraid of me too not physically but because I told them I would be reporting them to the college of registered nurses for their dishnourable behavioir and acts of physical/psychological  violence against me and Randy..  That should cause some form of post traumatic stress. In my mother's day it would be called GUILT. Since reporting nurses to management does not work, then the next step is report it to the college of registered nurses and their union for disciplinary action.

As for Dr. Dunne I have registered five complaints against him and he won't be able to wiggle out of any of them. No wonder he can't concentrate in his job.  Thank god he isn't Randy's physician's anymore. Or is he.

When I was a child we would play the "mother may I pass the red chalk line" and now at 60 years later VCH has reinvented it again. They are trying to reeducation me to be a robot who sees no evil, hears no evil, and is mute.

My husband is dying and I want access to him 24/7.  VCH already took two years of our lives from us and they are intent on stealing more.  There is a legal remedy for alienation of affection and it is very tempting to start another action against VCH.

Rich people hire nurse companions for patients 24/7 so that should also extend to family members to be with a patient 24/7 as well. otherwise it is discrimination. Nurse companions are there to alert the nursing staff should their patient need attention.  And considering the understaffing of hospital personnel 24/7 criteria should be for everyone.


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