Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Email to CTV

Wife of dying residential care patient banned from visiting him


Audrey Laferriere audreyjlaferriere@gmail.com

1:10 AM (9 minutes ago)

to bcassign
I do not understand the media or maybe I have not been doing the right things to ask for help.

I have had problems with the draconian methods George Pearson Centre manages George Pearson Centre.  On January 29, 2014 I was banned from seeing my husband who is at GPC due to an ABI and spinal cord injury for disrespectful conduct.  There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to reverse this gross injustice.  What has my disrespectful behavior have to do with seeing my husband. 

My husband cannot talk due to his injuriis and he I am told by those that visit him cries each time my name is mentioned.  What VCH is doing is cruel and unnecessary.  They are using the Trespass Act to justify their abuse of power and they think they are within the law.

In an effort to attract attention to this, I placed a notice in the Georgia Straight and after that things got worse. 

Up until last week I was able to see Randy for ten minutes  at the curbside once a week which is out of the jursidiction of the banning order.  I was told on Friday that Randy is too sick to even go to the curbside into the future.  Visitors to see Randy, two of which are retired registered nurses said Randy was capable to be transported to the curbside.

On Saturday I phoned the police to assist me and the police said that it was a civil matter.  How can imprisoning someone be a civil matter.

Of course I do not have any resources (money) to attract a lawyer.

Being banned is very common in VCH but the victims do not say or do anything for fear of what is happening to me. 


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