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Friday March 6 2014 District 4

Audrey Laferriere

2:31 PM (11 hours ago)

to district4
When I went to GPC to see Randy for five minutes on the curb of the sidewalk I was told by GPC when I arrived that I was not allowed to go into inside the building because Randy was too sick to go out..  If he is so sick that he can't come to 57th Street sidewalk curb then I decided I should go into GPC and check on him. If he is so sick I want him to go to St. Pauls.  He did not look sick. He was in his wheelchair. One of the nurses said he didn't have a temperature for three days and he was fine but of course she did not know of this new directive.  Also two othere friends who are registered nurses retired saw Randy at GPC on Wednesday and Thurssday and told me that Randy was in good health. I took his temperature which was 37.5; his heat rate was 99 and his SAT.O2 was 92.  Nothing to indicate a problem. I asked Randy if Dr. Dunne came to see him and he said no.  
Dr. Dunn who did this order is a liar; they is nothignwrong with Randy except he is slowly dying and they are  not allowing me to be at his bedside. Randy has been a  hostage for months. I have a lawyer's letter that says I can have access to Randy because of a representation agreement that I have access to him 24/7, access to his medical records, and access to his medical personnel which GPC has been denying me. 
The strict law of trespass cannot be used in this case.
Also I notice that Randy's $ 600 television isn't the one I purchased for him and the ear phones do not work so he has nothing to listen to. The volume is so low I couldn't even hear it. A friend said the expensive Xmas comforter that I purchased for him at Christmas is gone. Having me banned only invites staff to steal.
 The police were called but I left before they arrived.
 So much drama for a Friday afternoon.

When I returned home I read this email which confirms that GPC is imprisoning him.  Randy has a right to see who he wants when he wants and I have the right to see him when I want as well.  Since I am supposedly banned from GPC I have been seeing Randy once a week on the curb public sidewalk on 70th.  Even if Randy is sick it is his decision to see me or not.  Randy is dying and VCH is preventing us from being together.  Randy is extremely depressed and this continued separation will only continue his depression to the point he may never reach normalcy again.

Dr. Dunne offers no proof that he can't go out of GPC for five or ten minutes.  he is doing everything to defect attention from the fact that he nearly killed Randy on two occaions with a DNR and a DNT.  If it wasn't for me called 911 against the argument of staff that Randy cannot be transferred to VGH becasue of Dunne's orders Randy would have been dead.  By separating me and Randy, he is making sure that Randy becomes incompetent through terror. Dividing us also ensures that Randy will not trust me as he looks to me to save him from abuse..

I also still do not understand why Dr. Dunne is Randy's physician and Randy doesn't want him near him.  Also the wording of Richard's version of Dr. Dunne's order invites the interpretation that Randy isn't even allowed to go to VGH if he is in distress.

This Dr. Dunne isn't Randy's physician therefore this Order is not of any consequence legally or otherwise.

Hi Audrey,

Please be aware that Dr. Dunne does not feel that Randy is well enough medically to go outside of GPC for the visits that you are requesting.  He has written an order stating that Randy is “not to be off the unit except for physio and Living room under supervision”.  As such, your visit today as well as any future curbside visits will be cancelled.  We will inform you if and when this order is changed and these visits can resume.  Thank you.


Richard Singleton
Director, Client Relations and Risk Management
Patient Care Quality Office
Phone: 604-730-7654

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