Friday, March 7, 2014

Georgia Straight

This is the notice placed in the Georgia Straight last week. I was told by VCH that the ad is disrespectful.  VCH views the truth as being disrespectful. If this wasn't bad enough on December 26 2013 Randy needed acute care again and this time there was a Do Not Remove Order on him.  His heart rate was 142 plus and it took three hours at VGH before it went down to 135.  Again, if I wasn't there the nurses would not have noticed Randy heading for a cardiac arrest as the heart monitor was turned off.  Heart monitors are deliberately turned off so staff doesn't have to tend to the alarms.  The monitor is on but the audio is off.  And what do they do to me they ban me.  You would think they would welcome me to ensure that Randy will be safe but no I am forced from Randy by the use of the trespass act and the force of the police.  And if Randy's died on December 26, 2013, no one would attribute it to the alarm being off; it would be a natural death. 

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