Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you want to hasten your life do not agree to DNRs.

On Janaury 29 2014 I received a letter from VCH saying that I can't visit Randy who is a quad and can't talk for three months because of my disrespectful conduct.  What is MY disrespectful conduct and what has that got to do with seeing Randy.  I am his only advocate and friend and VCH has this idea to punish him like in a third world so I do not say anything.  GPC is suppose to be a residential community it is not acute care or intensive care so disrespectful conduct would have a different meaning.  For example, what your behavior is in your church is different than your behavior in your home. At GPC the method of living is the Eden principle where it is a home-like atmosphere based on being spontaneous and showing emotion.

From October 14 2013 Randy was in a private room with me having very very little access to anyone as a security guard was posted outside and I was not allowed to talk to anyone.  So why didn't they leave me there with Randy.  Why did they move him to a Ward where the phantoms that are afraid of me are stationed.  There is more to this than just my questionable disrespectful conduct.  During the time from October 14 2013 to January 29 2014 I know of no incident that would be described as disrespectful or any mention as such..

The truth is VCH does not want me to talk to anyone and tell them of my experiences of what really VCH is doing.  Think about it.  Having mostly all residents of GPC agree to a Do Not Transfer Order so that if they need acute care they in all probability will die at GPC as GPC is not equipped to handle acute emergencies.  I thought Do Not Resuscitate Orders were bad enough but coupled with Do Not Transfer it means certain death. That is what they really mean by disrespectful behavior. The want visitors classified as employees and everything I see or hear is suppose to be confidential and away from the public ear and eye.  There is in my mind no other reason for it.Most of the residents at GPC do not even know what a DNR or a DNT means. 

 Like Ro the manager told me most residents know they are going to die and they have accepted it. I do not believe her.  Ro reminds me of an angel with the keys to purgatory as that is what Dr. Tam told me GPC was.

It has been eight months since the first Full Code intervention in August 2013 stopped Randy's imminent death and Randy may live many more months or years if a DNR/DNT Orders are not forced on him without him knowing. I was told by a lawyer who deals with health care at the Bentley court case and he said that unconsented to DNRs are common in the medical community. A nurse at that hearing also told me that. It doesn't matter how old you are if you are going to cost the medical system you will be convinced that you have no quality of life so you might as well be dead. And if you won't agree they will find a way to do it anyways; they will get your relatives to agree At GPC they isolate you until you give up and die..

There has to be a public inquiry into GPC and VGH as to DNRs and resultant deaths.  There has to be stats available.  If public policy is to kill the chronic ill then we the public should know about it.

I reported this to the Public Guardian and Trustee and the Ministry of Health and nothing came of it. They must know what is going on. 


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